At least there's HB3

Technology!! Special Edition HoodieCollab HoodieBuddie with HB3 Technology designed by SF based artist Hannah Stouffer.

Shabooya. x



ArtFeeds My Heart

I recently completed illustrating and designing the graphics for a giant, traveling art studio via the lovely ladies over at ArtFeeds, a not-for-profit organization that exists to mobilize creative healing and encourage creative development. They are a Mobile Arts Center and community of individuals dedicated to the growth and healing of children through art. Watch for the premiere of the van on the January 13th episode of Extreme Home Makeover in Joplin, MO!

x Christian Dior x

Dior has engaged with San Francisco based illustrator Hannah Stouffer, an artist best known for her intricately executed imagery and shadowy and ethereal themes. In her work, decorative embellishments are counterbalanced by macabre motifs, the animal kingdom, and the never-ending pursuit of illustrating explosive emotional transcendence. Stouffer's installation in the new Dior Homme of San Francisco is a delicate portrayal of both the cycle in our natural environment and the fragility of being. Illustrated as an elegant site-specific floor to ceiling installation, Stouffer will add her touch to Dior's new interior.

Photography by Mark Likosky.

Hannah Stouffer x Christian Dior

Process video for permanent installation in the new Dior Homme in San Francisco, CA

With special thanks to Joseph Steven Lucy. I love you x


Micro Cosmos / The Coming of an Era

'Micro Cosmos' 11 x 14" ink on paper, new for Michael Rosenthal Gallery

'Coming of an Era' 11 x 14" ink on paper, new for Michael Rosenthal Gallery pt. 2


HBD Glamour Shots


Now available on E-bay: customized full metal HBD hooded vest!?

90% of the final sale price will go to support the VH1 Save the Music Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring instrumental music education programs in America's public schools, and raising awareness about the importance of music as part of each child's complete education.

In Your Hood Parteeeee!!

HoodieBuddie presents IN YOUR HOOD: HoodieCollab Kick-Off Party on Nov. 4th in Venice, CA. Come check out my original HoodieBuddie design!

October 28th - November 27th HoodieBuddie will have its very own popup shop in Venice Beach, CA. Throughout the month you have the opportunity to come in and shop. Special hoodies featuring art from Hannah Stouffer, Skinner, Sterling Bartlett, Cat Cult, and SPRFKR will be available for purchase.

Also throughout the month, you can bring in an old hoodie to donate to Goodwill and receive $5 off your purchase. Follow our twitter and FB for times that you can donate and receive a FREE hoodie!

Most importantly, here is a personal invite to all of our buddies to come to our kick off party on Friday, November 4th! Meet the artists, see one of a kind pieces that you can bid on in a Ebay auction all proceeds will go to the Save the Music Foundation. Bring in an old hoodie for donation and you could win a free HoodieBuddie featuring art, screen printed on site, of one of our 5 artists!

HoodieBuddie Studio Visit - pt. 2

HoodieBuddie photographer Mike Hill came by for some profile shots and process pics of the making of the customized hoodie I put together. The piece is getting auctioned off for charity- now on ebay and on the night of the release party- this Friday in LA!!

...and check out the results! The customized hoodie will be on display at the event along with those of Skinner, SPRFKR, Cat Cult and Sterling Bartlett.

HoodieBuddie Studio Visit - pt. 1

Short profile video from the folks over at HoodieBuddie, who recently dropped by the studio and with a little Q&A on 5 things that most inspire me in my 'hood.


The Order of the Triad: Opening Reception

A couple shots from "The Order of the Triad" opening this past week... We drank Absinthe, rode Harleys and ate waaaay too many strawberry wafers under the blacklight. You can see more shots (by an actual photogapher) from the show here!! Enjoy. x

Nike Women's Marathon- Customization Truck

aaaaaand photos from the 2011 Nike Women's Marathon Nike Sportswear Customization Truck: Custom and Ready-Made Apparel.

Night Seeker

Hannah Stouffer, 'Alignment Charting' 22 x 28" ink on paper for 'The Order of the Triad' show at R&R Gallery, Los Angeles CA

Hannah Stouffer, 'Night Seeker' 22 x 28" ink on paper for 'The Order of the Triad' show at R&R Gallery, Los Angeles CA

... a couple new pieces from the recent show at R&R in LA... up through November 4th x

NWM /Lady Footlocker Shoe Release

Promo leading up to the event, giveaway posters I illustrated and designed for NWM, the new LunarGlide shoes and some other bits and dips. I'll race you.

Nike LunarGlide +3 Women's Running Shoe Available Here

Photos from Lady Foot Locker's 2011 Nike Women's Marathon shoe release event, sponsored by Nike Sportswear.

Nike Women's Marathon - Run the Runway

On October 14th, for the first time ever, Nike Sportswear hosted a one-of-a-kind style blitz experience called "Run the Runway," constructing a sports fashion runway on the streets of Union Square in downtown San Francisco, CA.

The graphics I did for the event were incorporated into a large scale runway stage, in addition to being used throughout the marathon. Ooooooh FASHION!

Run to be fly.

The Order of the Triad: Prints and Originals at R&R

"Key of Solomon" - Original Available Here

If you weren't able to make it to the show, now you can bring the show home to you!

Available at the R&R Online Gallery Store: Prints and Original work from "The Order of the Triad," the latest R&R Gallery show, featuring art from Sterling Bartlett, Nil Ultra, and yours truly.


RISE JAPAN Vol.4 - Live Silkscreen Printing

Rise Japan Vol.4 - Live Silkscreen Printing!!

Join me at Studio 931@931, Treat Ave., San Francisco this Sunday Oct. 16, 2011, from 1PM-7PM, and stay for the Afterparty from 7PM-10PM.

In support of the tragic North Japan earthquake & tsunami relief, RISE JAPAN vol.4 features live silkscreen printing with various designs from nation-wide artists. Bring your own T-shirts or poster paper, or even purchase T-shirts at the event. Choose your favorite designs and get them printed on the spot.


Blood is the New Black

NEW apparel available at Blood is the New Black. Dress to impress!!!