hArts for Haiti

Silent Auction:

Saturday, April 17, 2010
1542 N Milwaukee Ave 3rd Fl
Chicago, IL 60622

LVL3 is an exhibition space directed by Vincent Uribe. LVL3 is dedicated in supporting collaborative work and group shows to foster connections between emerging and established artists.


Tauba Auerbach

I can never get enough of these...



You's a Badass Boo

First of all, thank you to the always amazing Ali Gallagher for the love up on her blog- ain't nothin like gettin on top and stayin there. Is there anything this babe can't do?? AAAND raise your glasses and put one back to (duh)Lauren Graham over at Jackass World for putting this video interview together awhile back, edit your face off girl and grill em all- on behalf of all ride er die ladies out there hustling- SMASH MASH & M'FKN BMX PARTY CRASHIN ALL OVER THIS EVER EXPANDING EPIC METAL GNR UNIVERSE SUCKERSSSSSS!!!

Macho vs Hogan vs Dangerfield

All you need to know. Basically.


Dark Dreams