Time to make a music video

Live and direct from the canals of Amsterdam

40,000 dead souls

... and the Berlin Wall

Decadence, wrath and fate

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Back to the future. All chips in. This is really happening. See you soon. xx

Euros, Euros, Euros

Rockin is dudeilicious


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Thinkspace Opening July 10th

Thinkspace presents:

Stella Im Hultberg
'Memento Mori' (in our main gallery)

Catherine Brooks
'The Seeded Wind and Silent Motion; an Oeuvre of Beetled Beauty' (in our project room)

Hannah Stouffer
'Twilight & Fate'; (as part of our 'Fresh Faces' series)

July 10th - August 7th
Opening Reception: Fri, July 10th, 7-11PM

IDN China

I have a new 6 page feature in the current issue of IDN Magazine out of China. The interview process was really amazing- language barriers, blank spaces, miscommunications and everything... Chinese translated to broken english and at attempt at translating it back to chinese again, its like playing telephone at a 3rd grade party 10,000 miles wide... break out those electronic translators and kiss your grandma

IDN- You ate gold they ate time?

HS- I ate gold and loved it.

IDN-Have you started to light the sky?by using some branched lines to described the lightning?how’s your new project?

HS- I heard that its possible for the air to ignite when a fire is present. For the air to just go up in flames, fire in the sky. I’m really attracted to the elements in big weather and have started a series with a lot of explosions, combustion, collision and lightning. In some way this level of uncontrollable phenomenon is very powerful for me- symbolically and emotionally. It is also a metaphor for emotion to some degree- I’m just trying to express the highest level of physical natural occurrence.

IDN- What’s your conceptually ideas behind such skeletons/wild animals/diamond among the arrows,or the kiss of the skeletons?there be something different from orient world,it is west civilization,how do you feel about this?

HS- ‘Bonne Nuit, Crystal Cave’ defines overwhelming human emotion and everpresent existence of death and the inevitable. The greatest conflict we endure is dealing with contrast- expressing this through imagery or ideas is always very satisfying. I use the iconic elements in my works as direct and representative ways to portray this idea of contrast. This cycle of creation within our existence is constant, in all civilizations. In death’s arm’s never stray, danse macabre.

Sensing space

Picture me airbrushing.

I've had a lot of revelations as of late. My life can be one giant epic metal fantasy super highway- even more so than it is now, if I just turn it up a notch... its not going to take much. I'm definiatley gonna need an airbrush gun. Also, some leather pants, and leather fringe... somebody is gonna need to own a really tuff bike, I think I'll cut the sleeves of my acid washed black denim jacket and get a panther- then I'll airbrush the shit out of the hood's of all my friends cars and do some bikini photoshoots at sunset. What?? You've never stared into the center of the flame before? Fire is sweet!!


I'm in Books.

Ran into '268 Motivos para Disenar' that Promo Press put out earlier this year while I was recently in Barcelona and remembered that I have work in it. I was over at Ciclic dropping off some of the new Love, Grandarray books. If you're ever in Barcelona, be sure to visit Ciclic- Dave curates the most amazing collection of art, design, photography and architecture books and films from all over the universe.

Concebido como muestrario de estilos y técnicas contemporáneas en el terreno del diseño de patrones decorativos, 268 MOTIVOS PARA DISEÑAR es una completa guía visual que reúne más de 250 espectaculares y, en algunos casos, inéditos ejemplos creados por 83 diseñadores internacionales de renombre con sus aplicaciones en los campos de la moda, diseño industrial, diseño gráfico, packaging, interiorismo y arquitectura. Encontramos, a modo de ejemplo, patrones plasmados en telas, papeles de pared, fondos de pantalla para ordenador o azulejos, patrones con motivos abstractos, geométricos, realistas o surrealistas. Este libro incluye además una completa biografía de cada uno de los diseñadores seleccionados. Adjunta un cd-rom que contiene los  268 motivos más 50 de libre uso.

Which reminds me, MaoMao also put out the Cutting Edge Patterns and Textures book, as well as an Atlas of Illustration book that I'm a part of as well... sometimes its just hard to keep up. I'm trying.

People are irresistibly drawn to patterns. And many graphic designers are irresistibly drawn to creating patterns. Cutting-Edge Patterns and Textures features over 250 of their results, collected from 83 designers, artists, and graphic design studios from around the globe. Some are simple, monochromatic designs; others are intricate, colourful explosions. Together they represent the latest trends in graphic pattern design.

Stina Persson

God. I love these so much. Always have, always will. Thank you Stina

No Pattern

Chuck over at No Pattern does some amazing work. Consistently. I've been a huge fan of his for some time now. I'd loke to thank him for the recent posts and support, and mind blowing rays of light. I can't wait for my copy of Wandering Off Into Space.

You're still looking good, as promised

Sixth Finch

I have some work in the new online Summer issue of Sixth Finch, along with a friend of mine, Ian Francis- who also happends to be one of my favorites, as well as a bunch of other amazing artists and writers.

Daydream/Nightmare come true

You've got to be kidding me.

We're in Europe Part II

Is that all you've got??

Kissing Cousins

The new Pillar of Salt album and LP is on the brink... I recently completed working with Kissing Cousing to wrap up their new album and am anxiously anticipating its release and the event we are planning at Origami Records in LA this July. I'll be creating a full installation to go with the release of Pillar of Salt. I'll keep you posted... Heather is an amazingly talented musician and friend.

xxx Tim Bret Day xxx

A lot of my inspirations to begin creating some of my new photographic works can be credited to this guy, he is so good. The campaign illustrations he's done for Agent Provocateur are the most captivating pieces I've seen in awhile. I thank you.

You're Last Supper Ever.

Speakeasy to me

Recently completed illustrations for the new Speakeasy Tiger album The Public which is dropping soon- its gonna be a good one. In the meantime, check it out HERE

Frank 151 Erotica Issue Release Party

Hey NY!! Go to this for me... I have 6 illustrations in the new Frank151. Wish I could make the party, I'll be fighting the rain in Berlin and climbing the wall instead. Besos...xx

Hi. We're in Europe.

Part One.
London, Barcelona and Frankfurt
Black Plague, Topless Beaches, Black Metal, Wienerschnitzel, Absinthe Rain