We're in Paradise

New ink!! Elizabeth from Peachy B just got some beautiful new work done, of illustrations representative of her little bunny and bird of paradise... Thank you forever x

Hey Nike

Surf's Up Bro. 'Leaving the Crusade to Fate' shorts for dudes. Nike 6.0

Animated GIF I'm moving to Oakland in 5 days Monday's


Jeesh, this guy...

This is my whole problem behind Marc Echo going around and making shit that looks like everyone elses (mine). THIS GUY. Sorry dude, I'm sure you're real nice, and you're having a great conversation with somebody that cares about the sweet rack on that babe in the convertable that just drove by, and you're on your way to meet your awesome buddies for brunch/take a shit, but you're just not helping any.

...except I love them MORE


Trouble Club

Join my GANG.

Dear God,

I put a few new pieces up on Grand Array from the 'Second Coming' show... Maybe you like?? Is the Fourth Kind real? Is the world broke? Is the Rock really a black dude? Do you hate Tori Spelling too? Did Alf die or is he just extinct? How many lochness monsters are there REALLY?


Hoffman on Girls

Mom Jeans

My mom called me at 7:30am this morning- 'Are you awake? How do I wear your high-tops? Like capris and anklets? I want to wear them today' What?? Mom? Whats an anklet? Is it back to school day? I told her I'd never worn them, then she says 'Ok, Late!' What?? Bye Mom, I love you.

Which brings me to my next story about someone telling me to follow at this: http://twitter.com/shitmydadsays if it was you, thank you... if your dad is half as out-spoken as mine you'll appreciate it- love you too Dad. Never stop hunting.

More on fashion: Guts Couture- $900-


Bleed Black

Thanks a million to Bert over at Art Bureau for creating the second installment of amazing cut steel Grand Array pendants!! On 18" black cording, they are the perfect accessory to any metal, viking, hot mega babe on a motorcycle or dude wearing a black denim jacket going real FAST. HERE... get one- ride er dieeee x


Blood Feast

In case you missed my gangster rap/heavy metal set at Footsies the other night for Blood is the New Black's monthly party, I put it all up for you- so DOWNLOAD it, gangbang, facemelt and enjoy. You're welcome. x


New button sets from GrandArray- get pinned up- HERE

NEW Afterlife x Grandarray

For your torso!!! Limited edition tees and tanks from my 'Second Coming' show... avaliable HERE

We Out Here

Thanks for coming out San Francisco- and if you missed it, go catch my show up at Afterlife in SF, and at NooWorks- both up through the end of the month, drink a beer and reminisce.