At least there's HB3

Technology!! Special Edition HoodieCollab HoodieBuddie with HB3 Technology designed by SF based artist Hannah Stouffer.

Shabooya. x



ArtFeeds My Heart

I recently completed illustrating and designing the graphics for a giant, traveling art studio via the lovely ladies over at ArtFeeds, a not-for-profit organization that exists to mobilize creative healing and encourage creative development. They are a Mobile Arts Center and community of individuals dedicated to the growth and healing of children through art. Watch for the premiere of the van on the January 13th episode of Extreme Home Makeover in Joplin, MO!

x Christian Dior x

Dior has engaged with San Francisco based illustrator Hannah Stouffer, an artist best known for her intricately executed imagery and shadowy and ethereal themes. In her work, decorative embellishments are counterbalanced by macabre motifs, the animal kingdom, and the never-ending pursuit of illustrating explosive emotional transcendence. Stouffer's installation in the new Dior Homme of San Francisco is a delicate portrayal of both the cycle in our natural environment and the fragility of being. Illustrated as an elegant site-specific floor to ceiling installation, Stouffer will add her touch to Dior's new interior.

Photography by Mark Likosky.

Hannah Stouffer x Christian Dior

Process video for permanent installation in the new Dior Homme in San Francisco, CA

With special thanks to Joseph Steven Lucy. I love you x