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I was recently awarded 'Best Mashup' in 7x7's Best of Home and Design for 2008... I accepted graciously, though I can think of a few other mash-ups that are worth mentioning that they might have forgot...
like, oh.. I don't know, Heavy Metal Vs. Dirty South Krunk Vs. Electro. R. Kelly meets Rogue Wave via Eazy E, Lil Wayne vs. White Snake and Lil Mama Vs. Duran Duran, T.I. vs TLC via Led Zeppelin....Bangfest by Ludachrist...

... and like these for example:
dj lobsterdust
the hood internet


Girls Girls Girls

T & A & T & A & T & A & T & A & T & A & T & A & T & A & T & A & T & A & T & A & T & A & T & A & T & A & and satin and lace... and a touch of class.

Thank you to the greats. Thank you Vargas. Thank you Jesus.

Call it Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal movie poster. Pure Metal. Pure Awesome. Chris Achilleos was the illustrator for this back '81. Some say its Richard Corben- who did do a lot of the illustrations and covers for Heavy Metal Magazine, but not the movie poster. Achilleos signs his works with a copywrite sign and an 'A'. Either way, its amazing.

Other works by Chris Achilleos

Boris Vallejo is another one of the greatest fantasy illustrators, ever. I wish I had a favorite of his, I love his earlier works from the 60's and 70's. Everything got weird in the 80's and 90's- there was like this void of confusion and hairspray that turned everything really ugly... look at fashion (besides the fact that its so hot right now), even the girls in Playboy looked weird. You just can't fuck with this guy. He did the freakin Aqua Teen Hunger Force poster too, what more do you want?
More Boris


10,000 BC

you best to watch your back.


Bustit Baby

Great little feature in Bust Magazine's home decor product section, my 'Peacock Feather Flourish' pillow was displayed as one of their items not to be missed. Thanks to Lisa over there at Bust for the Love... oxoxox

Pony Attack!!!

This is Pony Attack
'Pattern Predator' will be out in Pony Attack's Spring 2008 line... its on a great unisex long white tee with something comparable to puff paint- god i love the 80's. If I had a pony for every puff paint holiday sweatshirt i made...


i love you in vegas.

when you find the pictures of yourself in debauchery's arms, sprawled across the patterned carpets of some vegas hotel casino, in between a pair of yellow heels that are being succumb to the lust of another woman, and you find yourself about to loose your face- and you're not even sure who took the picture, then you know it must have been a good nite. In this photo, the elegant Bott Scarry, Sabah and Lil Lien, thanks guys xoxo

life is... Too Short!

reasons why i love life. too short, lainya making out with too short, mark taking pictures of too short and big sparkling backdrops of booty, lightning, weed and dolla bills....

More great photos by Mark Likosky.

Mark Likosky

...is a photographer friend of mine. Thank you Mark, for everything. Including these profile pics, welcome to the snakepit. What else is new?

Now shut up and go look at Mark's site


lord forgive us...

...but we must ROCK!!! Hey guys, hi, how'd we do? Shit, I forgot my eyeshadow...


Le Beau, In These Arms I Keep, Forevermore

Here are a couple new pieces I just sent to Gallery Nucleus for the La Femme show. Enjoy.

La Femme @ Gallery Nucleus

Some pics from the show:

Art Bureau Badness

Art Bureau 17 is coming out soon!! Be sure to pick up a copy, its gonna be a good one. I've been working with Bert a lot on it, currently working on the cover, and we're making some special limited edition goods to go with the packages.
Real Live Action
These are from issue 13 with Kelsey Brooks, gotta love him.


love, lust, pulp and gore

i live for this.

moleskins whats happenin'

i've been working with the lovley folks over at etchstar, and now they're etching moleskins. i love moleskins. i have at least 3 in my life at any given time... etchstar also laser engraves powerbooks and ipods. you should check em out.

really, what else is there?

Sweet monster trucks and hot mega babes on tiger skin rugs? And gocco stickers of them by Grandarray?! Gimmie a break- pleeease.


thank you. i love you. i hate you.

si scott is amazing. his illustrations and line work blow my mind.
i wrote him a letter one time.. it went something like this...

On 2 Jan 2007, at 21:05, hannah stouffer wrote:

hi si.
I've been following your work for awhile now...congrats... bla bla bla . i'm in love with your illustrations... and your text. just wanted to tell you that you that you're amazing. (omg marry me, i love you, meet me at secret spot on the hill?)*
bla bla bla happy new year. cheers to doing big things.


Hi Hannah

Thanks very much for your very kind and complimentary words! Very much appreciated!
I am hoping to move over to NY this year so I could be joining you over state side very soon. bla bla bla Maybe we'll meet one day? Keep in touch. Where do you work? (i'm married. meet me in the woods tonight...)*

All the best


whisky? check. leather onepiece stirrups? check. hairspray? check. whisky? check check.

yes, they're real.

i love marilyn minter, marchesa louisa cassatti, andy warhol, garfield the cat and lil weezie- baby.


...something's happening...

i have some new shirts out with Upper Playground. eat your heart out.

hello, i love you

...i just want to rip at your flesh a little bit.

blogging on blogging

this shit is weird. blogging is like telling people things when you don't really have anyone to tell... but you just want to talk about the new cool shoes you just saw. so here you go weird internet... check out my reebok pumps and blog this.


casio sk-5. yeah, i got one.

i'm already in a couple bands, sorry. i basically mastered 'born in the usa' today with the rock1 and rock2 beats in the background. the rock2 beat is probably my favorite because it incorporates both lion roars and lazer beams too....

i can also play the ghostbusters theme song, dancin in the streets and be kind to your web-footed friends. master at work


dearest city of angels.

soon i will be in your arms, wait for me darling... xxx