Jen Vaughn Featured Artist

What inspires you the most?
The darkness within the light, human emotion and contrast.

What is your ultimate goal?
Bigger, better, more.

Is being in the dark with the lights out frightening or comforting?
There is definitely something in my closet.

If you could have a drink with one artist, living or dead, who would it be?
I just want to listen to Andy Warhol.

What do the recurring snakes in your work symbolize to you?
Obsessive repetition and childhood nostalgia—a little bit of lust and gore.

Thank you Jen Vaughn for all your help and support... always.

Feathers, Pelts and Bones

None of this would have been possible without them. I was recently at the home I grew up in, out in the mountains of Colorado- with my family. Breathing in the nostalgic air, stretching out on the carpet and sifting through old remnants and drawers. At one point I was asking my folks if they had any bones, furs or carcasses lying around that I could steal for my Animal Sex installation. Of course they do, more than I could ever possibly carry.

I inherited an entire box of gorgeous bird pelts from my mom, the skin of bambi, a horse jaw, and some handmade arrows and animal skulls from my pops. I had to leave my clothes in Aspen and fill my suitcases with the remains of dead animals... Its a freaking musuem of taxidermy and shrines out there. No wonder why I love them.

Thanks mom, I love you. Thank you dad... you guys are so amazing. xx

Highlight it. ALL of it.

Here are a couple shots from the 'Animal Sex' opening over at Show Cave Gallery a few weeks ago. Thanks to everyone that came out and got weird with it. The Sacrifice. No Regrets.

I'll post more pics of the show up on Flickr soon... stay ready.

Mo Love

Thank you for the lovley little feature up on Abduzeedo...
... and a new interview over on the Monarkh site.. xx
Thank you Grace from Small Hands Big Ideas for the love...
AAAND The World's BEST EVERRRRRRR Thanks guys.
I love the guts outta your guts
Thank you, thank you, curtsey, bow.

Great. OK Great.

Here. Do you like these? Good....OK Great will give them to you.

What is more exciting than the lottery? Those big giant checks!?!? Come on... nothing is better than winning something and having a whole team of cameras and suits show up at your rural house early Monday morning just after you finished making pancakes in your ugliest sweatpants... now is your chance. Be that winner. OK Great will be surprising a few lucky individuals.. with a few prints and other Grandarray Love. Quick!!! Get on it!!

OK Great

NEEEEWWWWWWWW Interview up with OK Great.... check it out and see how many RnB THug lyrics I can fit into one Q & A. Then click on the OK Great header and get obsessed with the color changing color ways like I just did and spend the remainder of your day right clicking.


Booooooom Giveaway!!!
A million thanks to Jeff Hamada over at Booooooom for posting a little giveaway for some Grandarray product!! If you hurry you can answer your greatest fear and risk the chance of lacing up your torso with some Prehistoria fits- Jeff will announce the winners Monday.... I'm not gonna say anything, but whoever answered Mayonnaise as their greatest fear is kind of winning me over right now. If someone claims Critters as their #1 most feared I'm going to fucking loose it and show up at their house with a pile of cash and a 2Pac and Biggie reunion concert in the back of a pickup full of chocolate gold coins, A FREE TSHIRT, and a blue raspberry slurpee machine, just cause.


Thank you Sao Palo

New interview/feature/background up on SPFW, complete with a lot of really nice things in Portuguese.

I don't want to bore you too much, so I'll just translate some of the highlights and then you can imagine all the other life altering, mind blowing things I could really be talking about- better touch up on that whole 'get bilingual' New Years resolution thing. Its the 400th anniversary year of the invention of the telescope- and we have discovered 132,000 blackholes to date, but the possibilities are infinite... wrap your mind warp around THAT!

Where are you from?
Raised by wolves, Aspen, CO
Where do you live now?
Los Angeles
How old are you?
Almost 28, but I feel like I'm 12 most of the time
What inspires you?
Just about everything. I’m always really excited- I love this shit. Early mornings, Mondays, light, color, contrast, passion, human emotion, a well dressed gentleman, red lips, the unexpected, the familiar, sub-cultures- packages from my mom, Spongebob tattoos, switchblades, pet-stores, dead animals, open air, Garfield, Whisky, hearing some really loud gangster rap coming out a car really early in the morning…
What are your plans for the future?


Art For Empty Walls is an online gallery, that runs much like a real, in person, real life, real talk, life line, real time, bloodline, feel talk gallery- f f f feel me!? It just so happends that they're in the 12th dimension. I have a show up with them this month... stop by for a visit. You don't even have to go anywhere. AFEW is here.

Hey NY! GRNY! SAT! Prints!

I shipped some offset and silkscreened limited edition prints out to Giant Robot in NY for the group print show that will be going down this weekend... swing by- grab something affordable to look at. Love you.

Twilight and Fate

Coming up in July at Thinkspace...


I need help. My amazing assistant is moving and leaving me to fend for myself. If you're up for the challenge please send an email to: hannah@grandarray.com- with a resume/work samples attached. I'm in Los Angeles, waiting for you. Please and thank you.