Feathers, Pelts and Bones

None of this would have been possible without them. I was recently at the home I grew up in, out in the mountains of Colorado- with my family. Breathing in the nostalgic air, stretching out on the carpet and sifting through old remnants and drawers. At one point I was asking my folks if they had any bones, furs or carcasses lying around that I could steal for my Animal Sex installation. Of course they do, more than I could ever possibly carry.

I inherited an entire box of gorgeous bird pelts from my mom, the skin of bambi, a horse jaw, and some handmade arrows and animal skulls from my pops. I had to leave my clothes in Aspen and fill my suitcases with the remains of dead animals... Its a freaking musuem of taxidermy and shrines out there. No wonder why I love them.

Thanks mom, I love you. Thank you dad... you guys are so amazing. xx

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Jordie Bellaire said...

I'm so jealous.
It was a beautiful installation from what I can see from the photos.