You're a gadget

Hannah Stouffer, an artist for Casemate shares her thoughts on working online, ‘Having an online presence is huge – it’s becoming our only means of communication and is an incredible outlet for every type of information imaginable. I’ve had a site up for as long as I’ve known how to work with the web, even before I was an ‘illustrator’. Her foray into working with gadgets appears to have been fairly accidental, stemming from a love of printing. ‘I (was) silk-screening the floors, the walls, tees, posters, stickers, anything I could find’. This segued into licensing her work, which then made its way onto a variety of devices, from clothes to iPhone skins. When asked if she felt working like this decreased her artistic integrity, she retorted, ‘Do you feel with merging your writing with technology decreases your integrity as a writer?’. I’m guessing that’s a no, then.


Next Friday we're having the first initial launch of a window installation I've been working on at my new studio space in Oakland!! Come toast. Get toasted. How Divine. Sweet Berry Wine.

Friday Sept. 3rd 6-8pm at 557 Forest St. in OaklandZOOOOOO


Nice little post up on Redefine's online mag site from the show at PDX's Together Gallery aaaaand a gracious link comparing my work to the metal genius of Priestess and The Sword. DUH. Thanks guys.

Keep Evolving

Just finished a piece for Grand Central Station, via iShares. If you're in New York in the month of September, go check it out- itss gonna be HUGEEEEE!! They asked seven artists to provide their vision of an ever-evolving world. The artwork is installed in New York’s Grand Central Terminal for the month of September and the original piece will be auctioned off to a related charity- read more about them HERE


Bassline please....MURDAAAAAAAA!!! There's a new killer on the scene, ladies and gentlemen, I give you- my brother. Luke Stouffer of Solid Riches just launched his new site 2.0- stay up on this guy, his capabilities in design and digital illustration FAR outweigh mine aaaaand thats what siblings are for- so I can steal his lunch money while he's breathing down your neck like a ghost in the night, hunting and waiting- stalking his prey.. follow him HERE click clack CLICK CLACK BOMBACLOTTT BOP BOP BOP


Fourteen Friday. You're Thirty. x

FreeGoldWatch & TheFlopBox are proud to present: “FOURTEEN” .

New work by Hannah Stouffer, Dustin Aksland, Robert Garcia III, Owen Takabayashi, Brandon Chuesy, Andrew McClintock, Eric Kneeland, Dylan Maddux, Shelby Ulibarri, Jesse Geller, Nathan Smith, Josh Blank, Pez, and Ken Davis.

"Fourteen” is a diverse selection of San Francisco artists working in photography, painting, illustration, sculpture, and mixed media.

Artist Reception: Friday August 27th, 2010 7 -11PM
Show Runs: August 27th - September 17 2010
Regular Hours: Monday - Friday 9 -5PM
Music by DJ Chango Julius

1767 Waller st.
(Between Stanyan & Shrader)
San Francisco, Ca


happy hangover GIF weedeater Mondays!!


Less Talk Draw. Lock The Door. Lets Take Drugs.

welcome to the first and only installment of my brain.

UFO Season

Nice little feature up on Paper Spaceship. Thanks team run-a-muck.

"Lord, protect me from my friends; I can take care of my enemies." Voltaire, 1694-1778

Thank you Slayer.

See You August 31st. Christina, you better fucking be there. I know you're reading this. I need you man.




I go walking in my sleep.

Gas Break Dippity

Welcome to Oakland- errybody's got a Cadillac. Beatin down the block. Its kind of comforting to wake up to some tires screeching burning donuts in the middle of my street at 4am- the good times don't quit- I just wanna do hoodratstuff wit my friends. Welcome to the block.

LoveLustGore Signet ring for Shhhhhhh..

GrandArray X Blood is the New Black X YOU- sneak preview. Keep it on the down low, nobody has to know...x

Ritual Magick in PDX

Opens Thursday, August 26th at Together Gallery in Portland. Come for the weird. Stay for the party.

like POOF!

How much do you know about the secrets of the Universe?? Lets talk about Combustion. Dragonologists and Demonology. Magic is Real. New wizardry by Maggie West photography