Blood is the New Black

New tees out with Blood... coming soon, get your torso's ready... for girls and boys!!

In the shadows of darkness, out of the forest and into the grave

New works at Gallery 554, 'Darkness Falls Forever' solo show, November 15th, 2008. 554 S. Western, Los Angeles 90020


New series of work at 111 Minna, opening on November 6th..


Darkness Falls Forever.

Its True. Upcoming show at Gallery 554- things are coming together. Black roses tell a story.



New Board out with GNU. Rip n Shred maaaaan

Gustave Doré

Why didn't anyone make me look at this guys work earlier? You guys have obviously been holding out on me- I feel like I might as well go back to bed. I just bought a book of his illustrating the Divine Comedy- ruthless!! I thought things were getting dark over here, but I had no idea!! Go look at the drawings he did of the Bible or for The Raven- darkness falls forever. I love it.