Golf?? Pizza!!!

So, the other day we decided to head over to this driving range in Pasadena to smash some golf balls into the darkness of oblivian and yell into the abyss and I see this.. A little project I did with AMEX a few months back - now they're popping up everywhere in SF and LA... what does it all mean!? I'll tell you... all I wanna do is yell PIZZA at the sky when I blast off on the range!!!!

New Refused out NOW!!!

In case you've been living under a rock for the past couple years, you've seen REFUSED.

REFUSED is one of the few publications that hits heavy into art, culture and the graff scene at one time- creating massive lightning explosions that rain down ice-cream banana splits from the sky all into your mouths until you brain freeze so hard your eyeballs go into shock and glaze over like an ice-age in your mind.. when I was a kid, I was forever convinced that when we shook this one tree at the park, we were generously supplied with ample amounts of candy- and somehow we always were... well, Refused is kind of like that.

REFUSED is the Candy Tree. So go buy it. Eat till you puke. And get one for your little girlfriend too. Girls love candy. Its true- and Valentines day is coming... Thanks to Victor over there for hooking up the back cover again!! They done good... xoox


Get to know it...

Photoshop Book with Wiley Publishing- out soon... learn up!


I've been painting this warehouse space in industrial LA for the past 5 months. Slow and steady... Last night I finally finished it. Here are some shots of the process. Wipe my hands and brush yer shoulders off... oxox

... and yes, sometimes i really look this good..


Put 'em on Blast

Thank you a million billion infinity to all the folks that have hit me on their blog or site in the past couple months... this is a little compilation and some links to a few of those. Thank you thank you thank you. My heart is exploding.
I especially appreciate Jeff Hamada for the kind words and fancy banner.... Thanks man.... now go peel your eyes back and take a look! ! Boooooooom!!!!!

My favorite part is when Life Lounge compares me to a 10 year old boy... thanks guys- anyone wanna go ride BMX bikes now!? I got an extra capri-sun in my backpack and I think i seen a dead cat down the street we can go poke at!!!

"Based in Los Angeles, illustrator Hannah Stouffer seems intrigued by the same things that fascinate ten-year-old boys; dragons, giant serpents, Pegasus-esque horses, tigers, hot girls and skateboards. Put in more sophisticated language, Stouffer is interested in "icons and images that reflect and categorize historical eras, genres and subcultures".

Here's a few more...

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Color Bull. I want to sleep next to you every night

Ti-Ligers are REAL

Tonite- after a long night of painting, we go out to Jumbo's Clown Room and meet this guy. Ferrari dealer- check. Wearing New white on white High Top Pumps from Marshalls - Definiatley check. Owns AND raises Ti-Ligers in Nevada!? check check. AAAAAND has endless gangster facts and cooks perfectly mariniaded chicken on his exhaust manifold?!!? Duhhhh. We're going to Nevada. Lets go. Then he tells us the story of how Sigfried and Roy really dropped the ball with that whole tiger incident- and how its really the stunt double that is cruising around with one arm now and not really Roy at all. I totally agree. Obviously. I think I'm liking this place....

guts guts guts guts

I can't help but love Dennis Dread. I met him a few years ago at the Stumptown comic dorkout in Portland. He's so rad. If I lived in Portland I would totally thrash out with him daily. Besides from being an insanely dark and talented illustrator he puts together an amazing 8x10" zine entitled Destroying Angles. Totally consuming. This Splatter Thrash print is up in my studio and I take time out of my morning routine each day to bow my head and gwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

.... and he has a bangin new site up!!! Kill em all Dennis!!!!



Is a full blown jaws of death metal mouth razor bladed eating machineeeeee- drive fast on the 5. For some reason I was heavily into watching this auto-auction on the television over the holidays. It was kind of a family event. They totally auctioned this sucker off to some lucky guy with an even luckier little kid!!! It freakin eats cars man!!! Its 40 stories tall!!! And it will scorch your face!!! WHaaaaa!?!!?!?!?

<3 My Moms <3

These are a few of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen... my moms in the early 70's... oxox


Grandarray and The Winners

thank you. we love you... oxoxox

...on a lighter note

get ready two thousand and nineeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!