New Refused out NOW!!!

In case you've been living under a rock for the past couple years, you've seen REFUSED.

REFUSED is one of the few publications that hits heavy into art, culture and the graff scene at one time- creating massive lightning explosions that rain down ice-cream banana splits from the sky all into your mouths until you brain freeze so hard your eyeballs go into shock and glaze over like an ice-age in your mind.. when I was a kid, I was forever convinced that when we shook this one tree at the park, we were generously supplied with ample amounts of candy- and somehow we always were... well, Refused is kind of like that.

REFUSED is the Candy Tree. So go buy it. Eat till you puke. And get one for your little girlfriend too. Girls love candy. Its true- and Valentines day is coming... Thanks to Victor over there for hooking up the back cover again!! They done good... xoox

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