Art Ltd.

Check out this month's Art Ltd. Joshua Keyes cover... nice little article about Un-natural Selection and the creation of new animals in contemporary art. I got a little work in there, its Kinda cute.

Count to Ten

Maaan.. I really really want to show you everything-

I promised to keep a secret, but I just want to tell you... a little bit to look forward to- something to do with signature Vans, artist apparel with Element, a North Face jacket... a little Kanye... I'm just really excited. Every. Day.
Psychadellic. Satanic. Classy.

In the meantime- here are some amazing inventions I just found.

Fire in the Sky

Have you ever heard of the air igniting into flames- just like that? Well... its true. I heard a rumor. Hot days. Be careful out there...


Dead or Alive

2 things I love- actually 3... My Ladies, Taxidermy, Jungle Red lipstick, ok maybe 4... vintage furs, gold, and this...
I've developed a habit for desiring greater things. More photo shoots, more extravagance- more you. I've begun obsessing over and directing these happenings- I guess they are small scale productions- film and video... and I must say, I'm pretty excited about it. I would like to thank Paxton's Gate in San Francisco for helping me out with this one- they do have a gorgeous selection of mounted dead animals for display- among other trophies and necessities. Thank you. I love you.

best shoes of the night award.

i look at shoes. i have to admit- i'm probably looking at your shoes right now... and if you accidentally fcked up and wore 2 different color crocks to the bar tonight, chances are i'm gonna take your pic and talk about how badly i wanted to blarf in them the whole night while i watched you play pool... and loose. just kidding. i really appreciate your guts. next time cut the tops off some uggs and super glue them to the top of your crocks then we'll be talking- actually, at that point we'll just be in business. biness man, biness....


if you're lying on the ground bleeding, getting kicked in the stomach and you just got your lunch money taken and you just feel like crying- a hyena is probably leaning over you laughing- just rolling laughing at your pain. now imagine having a hyena for a pet- you might as well go ahead and cut your arm off now cause if you don't they'll probably be gnawing it off for their dinner later when your back is turned. jesus- come on brain, think about something plesant. i do like hyenas. i'm just jealous i don't have one to come home to...


BatDog and Robbin Graves!!

This dude will most certainly rip your face off....

... and this guy will totally win in a battle of pure stamina and swordsmanship if you dare try crossing the alligator infested moat to enter the castle...

Who cares?? I do. Sweet!!

Dance of the Spirits

The aurora borealis is also called the northern polar lights, as it is only visible in the sky from the Northern Hemisphere, the chance of visibility increasing with proximity to the north magnetic pole, which is currently in the arctic islands of northern Canada. Aurorae seen near the magnetic pole may be high overhead, but from further away, they illuminate the northern horizon as a greenish glow or sometimes a faint red, as if the sun was rising from an unusual direction. The aurora borealis most often occurs from September to October and from March to April.
See. You. There. Man.

Obsessive Combustion

... a little behind the scenes...

Thanks again to everyone that came out this weekend and dealt with my strange antics and vague ideas... the shoot went over with only a few burn marks and accidental explosions, and was nothing short of amazing. The final product is sure to blow your cap clean off... So,thank you, I love you, each and every one of you. Until All End. xx

In the lab...

... with some new big weather explosions, collisions, cloud bursts and black lightning- OW!!

This is where I sit and what I look at every day of my life (for the past 6 months) unless I'm drawing... in which case I'll rotate my body 90 degrees and look towards the other wall... parteeeeee!!!!!


Friday Night Special

Just for the record, there are a million other things than I would rather do on a Friday night than go out and rub up against all the great american gross-outs that crawl out of their 9-5 caves do drink themselves into oblivion all weekend long. That being said, here are some pics of my moms with a white hawk. Gore.Gous. Shortly after this photo was taken, the bird died in a collision during flight, with another bird- thats freakin fast man!! I'm sipping on a glass of Jameson as we speak, and I guess I should go get ready to go out, siiiigh, Scott is in town and I think I'm supposed to show him a good time here in Los Angeles....parteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! xoxo



Remember this lil Gem?! Lets re-visit it, shall we?
You're welcome...... GO BANANASSSS!!!!

Good Morning America

Thanks a million billion to Lauren Graham over at Jackass World for killing it with this little video interview... basically, she's the raddest. I don't know how to embed this video... and I kind of sound like 12 year old at a talent show... but HERES A LINK!! Lets Mash!!!

The Best Kinda Friends..

Thank you DJ Darryl Strawberry. I hate you , Shaq. SLAYYERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Solid Riches

Luke Stouffer is Solid Riches. He also happens to be my lil broski- go figure- And he's freakin killing it right now!!!! And he's barley old enough for all that Gin!!! Get ready for this one, fresh out the gates and ready to raise hell... sic em Luke- kill. kill. SOLID RICHES FO LIFE

Simmons and Burke...

...sigh... make my heart hurt a little bit. If you're not familiar with their collages, you probably need more epic compositions of explosive flames and burning fire and monumental cloudscapes in your life...

Black Roses Tell A Story.

Picture this. But picture it in real life action. I'm setting up a big photoshoot/production based off of this piece in a few weeks-if you're in the LA area you should be there. Lots of fireworks, smoke, white sheets and black dust... can't wait... can you picture it? Good, me too.

Meet your Maker.

Thanks mom... GOD!! I'm effing ruling it!!!!!!!!!

Pearl C. Hsiung

... is pretty freakin rad man
I seen one of her pieces at the Beautiful Decay (i totally just looked down and had a cracker hanging from my shirt- snack time!!) anyways... the other night in LA... and it was rad. And I just got a free snack...

New Book on Tees

I have a buncha pics in this upcoming book on tees, out with MaoMao... stay on the look out for it, it looks nice n big

Snake Pit!

Omg Omg Omg Texas Omg Omg Omg

Pool of Blood

You're lying on it.

Love, Grandarray- Book up with Blurb.com!!

Finally!! My assistant Kaisha and I put together a nice little collection of works from the last couple of years... check it out! Cop onna dem! xo