The new FEFE is out!!! Made in Italy- they did it again with a special issue 'I Love You' ' Te Amo' and a full spread of my 'Bonne Nuit Crystal Cave' illustration. Maybe you could get a copy over HERE?? Si? Sono un picolo ragazza. Te Amo.

I know these photos are backwards, have you ever tried to take pics of anything Italian?? They're like effing vampires- good luck.

The Letter Collector

I have a few new works over at Gallery Hijinks for an upcoming group show of 50 artists on the art of text and lettering... opening March 5th from 6-10pm TWOTHOUSANDELEVEN over at the gallery >> 2309 Bryant St. in San Francisco. I hope you can come witness this one. I'm pretty freakin excited. As Always. Its good to be home. x


Thanxxx a million billion to Austin over at TheFlopBox for the gorgeous new studio visit shots of our new ClubHouxxxse in San Francisco. I recently moved back to the only city I know best and set up my life for success... I'm working on completing a new series entitled 'MYTH' for an upcoming show over at Belljar in SF March 11th- and some new black and white text illustrations for 'The Letter Collector' show over at Gallery Hijinks which opens up March 5th!! (thats like anydaynowMAAAAN!!!)- in addition to some other trixxx n treats. Check out both photo sets over on TheFlopBox and also over at Juxtapoz.com. I dunno= search me out or something. I hope you've been good (and by good I mean BAD) Gracefully yours, with all the blood in my heart x


Quiet Lightning

Recently got asked by Evan Karp to be the featured artist on the SF based publication and reading series, Quiet Lightning. Thanks to everyone that came out to the Supperclub last week for the event... copies of the book can be found HERE
sPARKLE & bLINK is published in conjunction with the monthly submission-based reading series Quiet Lightning, which takes place in San Francisco and is hosted by Evan Karp + Rajshree Chauhan. This is the second issue of volume 2, as performed on February 7 2011 at supperclub, featuring: Townsend Walker, Andrew Paul Nelson, Alex Rieser, Liana Holmberg, Charles Kruger, Nic Alea, Andrew O. Dugas, Candice Novak, Catherine Brady and Sam Sax, with artwork by Hannah Stouffer. Find out more @ http://qlightning.wordpress.com.

Im Sorry.

Its been so long. Too long. I don't even know where I've been, where to begin. The same old fate, the lust we make. I guess I've been busy. Everything has changed. I've picked up everything I've owned and moved it. I'm working on your list of suggested readings, working hard to make sense of it all. I'm writing a self-induced thesis (still)- March is approaching. I'll be showing a lot in the upcoming months, years, lifetimes- and its beginning to come together. I'm delving deeper, trying to remember where we left off.... and that one time in the woods, when I was young and alone I built a shelter and rationed my water- that sobering feeling you get when you see the sun rise and reality sets back in- darkness lifts and you remember... what it is you've never wanted to stop doing.