Thanxxx a million billion to Austin over at TheFlopBox for the gorgeous new studio visit shots of our new ClubHouxxxse in San Francisco. I recently moved back to the only city I know best and set up my life for success... I'm working on completing a new series entitled 'MYTH' for an upcoming show over at Belljar in SF March 11th- and some new black and white text illustrations for 'The Letter Collector' show over at Gallery Hijinks which opens up March 5th!! (thats like anydaynowMAAAAN!!!)- in addition to some other trixxx n treats. Check out both photo sets over on TheFlopBox and also over at Juxtapoz.com. I dunno= search me out or something. I hope you've been good (and by good I mean BAD) Gracefully yours, with all the blood in my heart x


Chadwick said...

Nice space!

Mark said...

Very nice photos