Hannah Stouffer X LeSportsac

...just some comps I threw together in hopes to be a LeSportsac Resident Artist... right?!

New Blood.

blood love, i am blood. 


. bloodfin

. bloodguilt

. bloodhound, 


, bloodline, 


, bloodred, 





, bloodstream

, bloodsucker, 



, coldblood, 


, reign in blood, written in blood
your turn.

I Know What You're Thinking...

...and before you say anything, let me assure you this. Rainbows are Definiatley Metal. I've been giving this a lot of thought latley, and numerous reliable sources all point to YES. While currently searching for new meaning, I've discovered it, in Rainbows... allow me to explain. Firstly, switchblades?? Definiatley.

Dio is King. And HE loves Rainbows.

Duh, fire.

and um... Rainbows in the sky?? So EPIC. Weather is so Metal. You can't argue with powers greater than you. SEE! 666 SO?!



And this is just my most favorite car that hangs out in my neighborhood.


Oh shit. Sneak Preview of the Metal Mad show at Giant Robot in NY next week. Burn Somethingggg!!!!!!!!!
oh ps, thats matt furie and french pictured above- two all time favorite dudes

Ronnie James Fucking Epic Dio

I dare anyone to argue me that Dio is the most Epic Metal Elf King in the whole entire universe. Anyone!! IS he human?? How is he even possible according to modern physics and the laws of gravity and the 3 dimensions? God bless you little gnome ruler of darkness, I kneel to thee... Lock up the Wolves.

Lazer Dudes

I need to get outta here.


Los Awesome*

I have to tell you something. This life is fucking awesome. What a beautiful day it was today. Last night was so epic and tomorrow!? Tomorrow is gonna be amazing!! Los Awesome is fucking Awesome. Have you thought about how stoked you are latley?? You should. Go ride your bike for awhile. Go burn donuts in your gangster whip while eating donuts thinking about gangsters. You're so lucky. God is a lazer, and science is the best part of all. Go check out the stars right now, they're fucking sweet. Do you know how awesome and infinate space is?! Outerspace is so cool!!! Outerspace is like magic everyday. With so many lazers and dolphins and alien galactic space dust. Aliens don't even care, they run that shit- they glow in the dark, their fingers are like magnetic moon fingers. I love this shit. Go look in the mirror- you're fucking gorgeous.


God is a Lazer

more living proof that Metal is a Rainbow

Let me love you down

Like Beeeeeeeeeeeeeummmmm


Out for Blood- Bleed for Me

Raining Blood, Blood Bath, True Blood, Realm of Blood, Blood of my Blood, Cold Blood, Blood Diamond, Blood Brothers, Last Blood, Caverns of Blood, 3 Inches of Blood, Blood Bank, Tha Bloodz, Blood Diamonds, Blood and Thunder, Blood Sweat and Tears, Bleed for Me.
ps: Its the year of the tiger... do you know what that means?? Get ready.
mental note: make a new Blood zine.

Mario Zoots

This guy is gooooooooooood. There goes the neighborhood.



Dark Vast Void

I want to make moving pictures.... and is my first amateur attempt at creating something magical. I shot and edited the film (SLAYERRR!!!) and then added some pretty sweet fades and effects. I'm not gonna start giving away allll my secrets, and I know the font is too small to read and it might play out as a really lengthy conceptual masturbation of light and space, but I kind of like that- that its existing purely as sensory environmental fulfillment. There's always space in space. Music by Elan Stouffer (no relation, just coincidence... funny how the universe works....)

My Darling 20 10

Between you and me, we are looking at some serious home runner hat tricks this season. I have a lot in store... a lot of ideas and aspirations. I'm thinking about getting into some ancient arrowhead shale chipping, wizardry and large scale everything. No more snakes, more limited editions, more face melts and multiple spontaneous mind blowings. Residencys, name changes, outfit changes, and the inevitable love lust and gore. x

Everything is Changing

It all started with the water from the sky- nothing has been the same ever since. I was standing outside an art show in SF a little over a week ago- and it hit me. It actually hit Joseph and I- a massive amount of water splashed down, drenching us completely- leaving only our dry footprints and running mascara. The most beautiful analogy of a wake up call to everything relevant in my life. It has been from that night forward that everything changed. Everything is falling into place. Thank you Jesus and your illusiveness. Happy Birthday Forever. xxx

So you're saying I can predict the future....??

Photobucket Thats perfect. I thought I felt something. Swish!!!

Black Roses. Black Leather. Black Heart.

Hannah Stouffer ' Black Roses' for Vans. Black on Black on Black. Soon.

I've been thinking....

Photobucket... a lot about you latley. x

I Dare You.

New for Chronicle Books. Erotic Dares. Each sealed in their own little seductive envelopes, ready and waiting. I illustrated the box richly sensual packaging and decadent cards inside. Prrrrrrrrr.....

\m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ METALLLLLL!!!! \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

\m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ Metal Mad opens at Giant Robot in New York on Feb. 6th. Go break something for me x \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/


Dear Merlin's Beard, I don't ask for much, but I was hoping you could call upon all your other famous wizard friends in the Forgotten Realms and help me out a little bit, I just wanna be a hologram sometimes. I believe in MAGIC! ps I think Wizards and wizard powers are really cool. x


Make My Case

Original artist series cases for your iphone are now up on Case-Mate!! We also collaborated on a new super amazing site- Make My Case - that allows the consumers to create their own Hannah Stouffer cases using illustrations by the selected artists- check it out! Play around, loose your mind x