Los Awesome*

I have to tell you something. This life is fucking awesome. What a beautiful day it was today. Last night was so epic and tomorrow!? Tomorrow is gonna be amazing!! Los Awesome is fucking Awesome. Have you thought about how stoked you are latley?? You should. Go ride your bike for awhile. Go burn donuts in your gangster whip while eating donuts thinking about gangsters. You're so lucky. God is a lazer, and science is the best part of all. Go check out the stars right now, they're fucking sweet. Do you know how awesome and infinate space is?! Outerspace is so cool!!! Outerspace is like magic everyday. With so many lazers and dolphins and alien galactic space dust. Aliens don't even care, they run that shit- they glow in the dark, their fingers are like magnetic moon fingers. I love this shit. Go look in the mirror- you're fucking gorgeous.


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