If I was batman, this is what my cadillac would look like.

I think I'm onto something!

I've been working on a big new series of watercolor pieces, something about darkness falls forever, the forest and its shadow, lots of snakes, lust and gore. These are far from finished but I just wanted to show you a little bit of whats happening in the lab. Grindeeeing. oxox

Dansde Macabre

I have a feature spread in xlr8r magazine later this year... i think the issue comes out in december- I whipped up this little exclusive for them today- its kind of the direction things are going. Its getting dark in here.


Skinner is so rad.

Revengence Of Blastarr, The Four Horses Of The Apocalypse, A Most Evil Mess. Duh. I want. All. Skinner and I were in a show together a few months back at Lower Hater in SF... him and his gf are basically the sweetest most metal Iguanadon couple known to man. He also recently had a show at Upper Playground in Sac. If you saw it, I hope it made your eyes bleed. I have a piece of his in my living room. I'm looking at it right now, bleeding. Love it. xx

...more metal xxx

I met Andrei at a solo show he had at CC Rider in SF last week. 80's fantasy realistic heavy metal paintings!? Sign me up. Allll the way up. A few days before that I went to Masters of Metal at Shoreline- Testament, Motorhead, Heaven and Hell and Judias Priest. I packed in as much long dark hair and dirty black clothes into 4 days as humanly possible. If I had $1200- I would have bought this triptich. Instead I bought a pretty heavy button for 2 bucks. Thank you Andrei, keep it alive.

Andrei Bouzikov

...more gore xxx

This dude. French. There was a group show at the Scion space in LA a couple weeks ago that my friends Steve and John Harrington were a part of- which was impressive, as usual. But then i see This guy? He had a full wall of illustrations that blew my mind out. I have a special place in my heart for line work and tedious illustration, especially with simple black ink. and gore? even better. He did a good job with the show, a real good job. And he was so hunble about it, I think that was the best part, and the fact that we both had really extreme combovers, I think we had the same hairstyle actually, excpet he's a redhead. If I had been wearing a bigger coat I would have kidnapped him and his hairstyle, and those drawings too...

Cai Guo-Qiang Retrospective

You're fired.This is what God invented time machines for. How did I miss this?! Put me on a hover-craft and take me back to Feb. in NY.... This is it.

"A retrospective by Chinese-born artist Cai Guo-Qiang has landed at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. However, many of the works don't touch the ground. Exploding cars, tigers and more are suspended in the air throughout the spiral atrium of the museum. " Cai Guo-Qiang: I Want to Believe" is the first exhibit by a Chinese artist at the museum. The exhibit runs from Feb. 22 to May 28, 2008."



Video stills from Ludacris and Chris Brown's recent video for 'I know what dem girls like' baaaaanger. I worked with Little Red Robot out of SF on the motion graphics for this video, I did the illustration work, they did the magic. I'm still waiting for my spot in the video- Luuudaaaaaa!!!

Amor Muerte

New 2 color silkscreen poster out with Metropark- limited edition of 100- avaliable in my store!!!!

Drink Up.