All Fish Errything

The Second Coming*

I'll be showing at After Life in San Francisco on Saturday July 17th. 6-10pm New work, metal party favors, personal sacrifice, some dude wailing on a guitar with a killer whale backdrop.... some new apparel. I'm pretty freakin excited. I'm also gonna be painting an installation on the outside and setting up the usual traditional altar on the inns. Hope to see you there. All Black Everything (me not Jay-Z) x

Lazer Lost Angeles.



New Calendar out. Get naked.

Gallery Heist

We Haven't Felt This Way in Years II opens Thurs. July 1 in SF... the lineup is gonna blow your cap clean off your head. Go for me and tell em you're me. You might get a free feel copped or something...


Love is a Critter. You guys are just scared to Love.

GRNY Print Show

Its that timeeeee againnnnn- cop some art on the cheap!! I have some prints in their annual print show. Its about time you put something on your walls... Saturday, July 10th in New York... go to Giant Robot.

The Sex LA

Support them... buy my prints, all proceeds go to The Sex


Need and Want

Is there even a difference??

Goddamnit DSquared.



But you can call me Slurricane

I mean, really....

How good do we look together?? I saw the truck drive past me yesterday on Sunset and had to catch my breath... SO amazing. I felt like a rapper with a hit single on the radio... I am a rapper with a hit single on the radio, and its all about you gurllll... I thought I was your only vato.

Comedy Showcase Saturday Mornings

Its a regular fucking stand-up act over here.

Eh, don't worry...

We just gettin started x

Where are we??

I don't usually do this- but I got a call from a BFF homie lover friend at 6am this morning. Waking up in a jacuzzi with his clothes on, by himself in the desert of New Mexico- after a drug induced night that everyone discovered he was the second coming of God, "I can't be to God this early in the morning, i haven't even have coffee!! I wish last night I wasn't God" ... made my fucking week. Jesus, I love my life.

Found it.

How perfect is this?? Relating ideas and means together in different mediums- in multiple dimensions- fashion, illustration, photography, video,,. My absolut favorite. Fucking fabulous. Gorgeous. More please.

Uhhh... Jessica Singh. Shit. Thank You.


Diorama Drama

So, I made a Diorama for Pony Club Gallery in PDX... 'Summer's 7th Night' eat your heart out arts n crafts nite. x


New Summer Fling truck with Blood is the New Black. Bangin like a mac truck. Thank you to J Lucy for killing it on the text, together we're like Sigfried and Roy and the world is our mauling tiger.
Hey, its me!

In other news, I'm back in the game... get at me http://www.twitter.com/hstouffer luhhhhhh you. watch this monkey dance


AND Diamonds

amazink. thank you. WAKE UP!!!! omsource via andiamonds