I got listed on the Artist A Day site as the daily pick- I just discovered this page after getting an email from an archeologist who was interested in buying a 10,000 BC print, they noted they saw my work here. I'm kind of honored... mainly by being able to draw someone that digs up bones for a living- that has an interest in my silly rendered attempts. I'm always the dork at the natural history museum that stares into the fake 'excavation' area, watching patiently while some 18 year old pretends to brush the debris from some newly discovered plastic dinosaur...


Pillow Giveaway!

M.I.S.S Crew is hosting a giveaway for some GrandArray product!! Snatch some up!

Kissing Cousins

Kissing Cousins is having a vinyl release party this week over at Origami Vinyl in Los Angeles. This makes me feel good. I'll be doing an installation in the space to correspond with the work I did for them for their new 'Pillar of Salt' album and vinyl- they will also be performing in real time real life action- and I have a surprise or two up my sleeve for you as well... Sunday, SUNday, SunDAY

M.I.S.S Crew

Thank you... new little interview/ feature over on the M.I.S.S Crew blog

aaaaand over on Juxtapoz too. Thank You!
My heart....

In other news, if you've heard J'rod's new 'dancin wit ta shoez off' then you feel me cause I'm abouts to looooose it! Its impossible to find, but I could sing it if you provide the bass line...


Come on down to BITNB Thursday for a hot slice and some even hotter action!!

I'll be showing some work and kissing the space goodbye while trying not to get sauce all over my shirt- along with the lovley Jesse Spears, Bryan Ray Turcotte, Travis Millard, Cali Dewitt and Patrick Jilbert!! Ultimate Big Time Awesome Party Time!!! Yeah!!

Design is Kinky

Hey! Thank you Chuck over at Design is Kinky for the love!
If you havn't seen him over at No Pattern as well, its worth the visit- stop by, get your mind blown, carry on...


Speakeasy Tiger 'The Public'

I recently completed illustrating and designing the album for Denver based, Speakeasy Tiger's newest release 'The Public'. We also made some limited edition apparel to accompany the CD- Check them out online, pick up some goods, if you don't like tigers-then I'm sorry, but there might be something wrong with you.

Twilight and Fate installation

Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles CA, July 2009

Playboy Forever

I got asked by the set director's of Playboy's upcoming Foursome 3 to include a couple of my older, erotic works on canvas, as part of the decor for the lavish, decadent settings for the show. Count itttttttttt!!! Look for it, you know you will be...

Smoke & Mirrors Life / Kinfolk

Congratulations Kinfolk and Smoke & Mirrors Life on the Catch Me If You Can Mystery Bicycle Ride -Benefiting the Pablove Foundation. The ride was a huge success, both raising money and awareness for Pablove, a great cause that aids in the contribution to cancer research and treatment at CHLA’s Saban Research Institute, one of the top cancer research facilities in the United States.

Catch Me If You Can drew the attention and participation from over 300 riders, taking them on a mystery filled ride through the streets of Los Angeles, ending at a congratulatory after party in the outskirts of downtown. While day turned into night, Smoke and Mirrors Life and Kinfolk Bicycles created a memorable event that benefited a great cause and involved contributions, sponsorship and support from highly respected Archrival, Origami Records, Blends LA, Orange 20 Bicycles, Trackosaurusrex, Enjoy Human, The Disco Vietnam, FMLY, LBC Sprints, Dangerbird Records and Filter Magazine to name a few. This is the way we Ball.

Digital Gravel Pit

GrandArray is now being carried on Digital Gravel!! They are carrying a range of limited edition apparel and accessories, both silkscreened and offset prints and the new Love, GrandArray book. Get at it while it lasts!! Also up (and sold out) is the GrandArray / Foreign Family artist tees... don't sleep your life away. Night Trainnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

Saturn Devouring His Son

The Black Paintings of Fransisco Goya

Cannibalism, senseless murder, witchcraft, kidnapping, dogs dying, weird, strange, macabre… These all describe the murals painted on the artist’s walls in his own villa. It was the end of a long and successful career. He was alone and sick, had gone deaf, lived through the terrors of Napoleon, and probably had about enough of the world and life in general. It was time to unleash the true scope of his power by digging deep into the subconscious and pulling out, writhing and screaming, the scariest possible visions imaginable. This was the dark genius of Fransisco Goya