Up and Coming Up

ArtArtArt ArtArt ArtArtArt... a couple shows I have approaching in the next few weeks that I'll be in attendance at... just when I thought I could let my brain a take a dip in the pool and start fresh on something new... see you soon x

Friday, October 1st 6-9pm
Window Installation Reception
Era Art Bar, Oakland, CA

Thursday, October 7th 5-7pm
Fate Brings Me Here, Group Show
A440 Gallery, 49 Geary
San Francisco, CA

Saturday, October 9th 6-10pm
All Souls, Group Show
Immortal Gallery
215 W 6th #116
Los Angeles, CA

Dawn Winter Ritual


Kako Ueda

Justin Carrasquillo

Oakland based illustrator Diogo Costa

Dear Nike,

You're right... We look kind of good together.

The new 6.0 Storm-Fit Kampai Men's jacket is available now- with my 'Leaving the Crusade to Fate' repeat print all over yo booooodie. Here's a video with team rider Peetu rocking it in some far away regions of the globe. Rip n shreaaaad maaaaan.


YES YES YES YES YES!!!! NEW Double Blade Battle Axe tees out with Blood Is the New Black!!!! GOD!! These are so freakin' HOTTTT!!!

Is it Summit yet??

New with The North Face for Winter 2010 Summit Line- Women's jackets in more colorways than you can shake a stick at. All over print lace pattern so you won't get lost in the depths of the abyss when the avalanche hits. Its always winter somewhere- stay ready so you don't gotta get ready. Avaliable HERE and all over these freakin internets




Epicly lazered dude- new interview up on my-fav-maoi!!! "The revealed bones and exposed skeletal bodies of animals ripped of flesh dancing amongst the living. There is a deep darkness that is entwined in the electric neon pop compositions of Hannah Stouffer. Always maintaining balance in her detailed compositions. Predators become her prey as she exposes what lies beneath in a technicolor dreamland of chaotic or blissful emotion" Thank you!!! x


Hey Hannah, what did you do all day?

Oh, I dunno... same thing I do everyday..

Together Gallery PDX RE-CAP

Thank you to everyone that came out to witness the mayhem that is Alberta St. on the last Thurs of the month in Portland. Ritual Magick is up till the end of the month. Get Weird. x



Raw Femme

Nice little post up on Raw Femme blog... thank you lovley lady x

All Souls

All Souls
Hannah Stouffer, Kylea Borges, Brian Willmont and Alissa Eberle
October 7- November 6, 2010
Opening Reception October 9 6-10p.m.
Saturday, October 9 · 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Immortal Gallery
215 W 6th #116 cross st. Spring
Los Angeles, CA

...The Immortal Gallery is proud to present, All Souls, a group exhibition of mixed media. All Souls is motivated by the many days, rites, and commemorations dedicated to the faithfully departed. Among other religious days, All Saints day, Day of the Dead, and the Ghost festival all have in common that the alive want to pray for those in purgatory and the veneration of the dead. This quartet of artists have taken inspiration from monuments to the dead (like the pyramids), the struggle incorporated into mythical art, psychopomps, and the items we used to give remembrance.