Summer Spirit Quest x Hannah Stouffer 2010

New discoveries and visual encounters have brought Hannah Stouffer to the verge of creating an entirely new body of work. The Summer of 2010 proved to be the perfect opportunity for Stouffer to go explore in the hope that her adventures would inspire her next phase of creativity. Starting in Los Angeles, Hannah took a trip across the United States to visit some of the most historically magical places accessible off the Amtrak train route. Take a visual trip through her photographic journal on this re-cap of Hannah Stouffer’s Black Magic Spirit Quest from the Summer of 2010!

"All I ever wanted was to buy an old black van and paint an epic wizard on the side surfing through space. I’d pull up to the beach, open the door open and just draw. I'd drive it all around the the country with my dog… sleeping where we felt like, eating cans of beans, with a bottle of Jameson under the seat, black leather jacket, black leather boots, red lipstick, King Diamond, Burning Witch, Electric Wizard. Done.

It all seems so romantic. After that plan fell through, faulty car salesmen and a small claims court date, I adjust accordingly. I really had no choice, but to just GO. So I chose the next best thing- the Amtrak train. And so it begins...

Three months later, the same dirty black clothes and way too much clarity… Back to California and I never want to leave this bed again." -Hannah Stouffer, Summer 2010


Thank you My Love for You... for the love for me x

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