True Norwegian Black Metal

American documentary photographer Peter Beste has spent the last eight years working in the milieu of this insulated and secretive community. With each visit Beste saw more, photographed more and eventually accumulated enough material for his new book “True Norwegian Black Metal,” a stunning visual testimonial to this subculture.

In the last two decades a bizarre and violent musical subculture called Black Metal has emerged in Norway. It has its roots in a heady blend of splatter movies, heavy metal music, Satanism, Pagan mythology and adolescent angst. In the early-mid 1990’s, members of this extremist underground committed murder, burned down medieval wooden churches, and desecrated graveyards. What started as juvenile frenzy came to symbolize the start of a war against Christianity, a return to the worship of the ancient Norse gods, and the complete rejection of mainstream society.... how could you not just love it?

Blanket Magazine

Look out for the new Blanket- a free PDF art + design + photography magazine that is released bi-monthly. I was fortunate enough to do the cover for the upcoming issue and get a little feature/interview in there as well. I love Blankets!

As Metal as I get

These were from my solo show in Long Beach from April 2008...


Oh, BTW...

dirty money, dirty money.....

Benefit got the BSpot

So I walked into Macy's the other day and saw this:

...just a little packaging project I did for Benefits most recent fragrance-if you have a blond girlfriend that lives in Santa Barbara and goes to SBCC she would love it- when is the internet gonna go scratch and sniff?! I'm waaaitingggg

Its my Birthdaeeeeee

This is all I want. Love you!


Errryday, errryday

I tend to be really drawn to witty, text driven art, like this guy, Mike Monteiro. My friend Omar just showed me his flickr page, its funny. Tucker Nichols, Simon Evans and Danny Miller are also really good at this. Really good. These pieces remind me of some I made one time, for one of my first art shows I ever had. They said things like 'Notice That' and 'Become Curious'- they were all kind of blows at the whole idea of Scientology, which at the time, I found fascinating... they looked a lot like Mike's work- but whatever, not important, maybe i'll dig up pics of them sometime.... I love you.

MWM Bangers

Matt W. Moore is amazing... strive to be like him.
Damn it. These are so nice.


Tossed Up

Camera tossing? This is what it looks like.... its kind of gorgeous and amazing. My friend Arlen was telling me all about it. I'm pretty sure he knows what he's talking about. Basically you set your camera on a delayed flash mode or something and throw it around- I think my friends and I do that unintentionally everytime we go out.

We's a hot mess...

Metal Mania

... gotta love it.

National Public Radio

NPR is publishing this piece "Family Values" in their annual calender, for 2009. If I had more time and patience, I would listen to This American Life, much more frequently. However, I'm really busy listening to Thugzone.com erryday, erryday

Oh Dang. Its Booya.

Booya for your Birthday... Booya.

Welcome Home...

Hello Los Angeles.

... you lookin good...

The Golden Calf

Damien Hirst is the highest paid living artist ever. Basically Really Gangster. B.R.G fo life. His newest piece “The Golden Calf,” is a monumental sculpture of a bull submerged in formaldehyde inside a gold-plated stainless steel and glass box. The animal’s head is crowned by a solid gold disc, its hooves and horns are cast in gold, and the piece is expected to fetch at least £12 million (however much that is....its a lot...math)