Foreign Family Grand*ARRAAY Collabo!!!! JUUUST dropped!!!! BlackDust BlackDust BlackDust!!! Ladies love BOOOOOYAAAAA!!! And I love Foreign Family. Life.


Spirit in the Sky

I recently completed a series of illustrations for Chronicle's upcoming book on Spirit Animals...
"Ancient Native Americans believed that all animals had lessons to teach and had healing or inspirational power. When they held or carried a certain ideal, or meditated on it's meaning, they believed they drew the special energy of the animal into themselves."
Hippies... HERE

Me? Personally? I'm more like one of Marchesa Luisa Casati's pet cheetahas with a diamond collar... or one of those racoons that she let hang out on her dining room table and painted gold... duh. Oh, True Story


Again... dogs in outfits... I mean seriously- throw some mad tuff sunglasses on her I might never leave the house. Putting glasses on anything that doesn't normally wear them has got to be in the top 5 of all time... or acid-washed denim jackets- as you can see- that has almost the same effect. Amazing. Thank you Annie, for putting up with my antics... as a side note, Annie graciously accepted to be a part of this photo-shoot- I know what you're thinking, but its not how it looks- you can't buy that kind of attitude. x


Any Day Now.

The Woods

Started creating some monograms and typefaces for various upcoming projects... secrets, secrets, goblin whispers....

Laura Hadar & Nike 09/10

Collaborated with Nike Snowboard team player Laura Hadar this season to drop the new 'Midnight Wolves are Watching' boot for 09/10... this is a seriously non-descript pic from SIA tradeshow of the work I did on the boot- but rest assured you'll be seeing the full length version of them dangerously soon. Just picture some leather imprints on the straps and serious predator illustration work along the back... can you picture it?? Good. They'll eat your face.


The highly anticipated 'Eyeballs Forever' zine featuring Luke Stouffer and myself is about to scorch dark holes of molten mind blown right through where your eyesockets uuuused to be- f f f f feeeeel me!? Stay seated. We'll come to you- with the secret knock on your door- Slangin gore drawn by the 12 year old in my mind!!!!! Today is the first day of the rest of my knife fight.


Lost Worlds, Dark Nights

Grand*Array product line now avaliable ONline!! Check it allllll out. If you really love them, prove it.HERE

Majorly Bacon.

I thought my site needed a little bit of an upgrade...

Grand*Array on MEAT!!

Then, I thought my bed could use an upgrade too....
... and my shoes... and my life.....


I recently completed illustrating the cover for Susie Bright's upcoming Goth Erotica treasury of writers- with Chronicle books... it should be out soon... its gonna be pretty.



Lets be honest. Garfield dosen't give a fuck. His movie?! 'Garfield Gets Real' I mean come on... he dosen't care if its time to get up, if you were planning on eating that lasagna later or whatever- he do what he want!! If Garfield wants to chomp on some pizza in his bed, he'll do it- whatever- he hates mondays, exercise and probably you too-

As an ode to Garfield, Bott Scarry and I decided he needed a Garfield tattoo on his thigh, and I concur, that was probably the best idea I've ever had... so without delay- we went and got the job done...

Beeeeum!!!!!!!! AAANDDDD Garfield gets GOLD! The craze sweeping the nation!!!


Look at this little Gem. Between this guy, the David after Dentist youtube video thats going around and my new mini pink flying-v electric guitar I came up on, I gotta tell you, things have been lookin up over here... in a major way. Majorly Major. All I can really do in this case is re-state the obvious, ok, dry ice smoking goblets, black leather gloves and some freakin sweet old gangster whips!? Jesus- I love this shit. Owl Eyes all up in your areaaa


New Blood

Spring tees with Blood is the New Black are almost here!!

Snake Mother and On the 7th Night

Buy em HERE soon....

Deamon Babies is breaking my heart with his new fits for the spring... please Hammer don't hurt em!!!


Erotica in NY

Susie Bright will read to you
Special nights of Erotica from Chronicle Books' erotic treasury 'X' that I illustrated for... don't miss this...hottt



... is beeeeeautifullllllll!!! For rider Barrett Christy- xxo


Painting the GNU booth at the Vegas SIA tradeshow... NWA!!! Something about outdoor sports and the Pro-B series boards I did with GNU for 09/10, and VEGASSSSSSSS!!!! Man, have you ever seen the shark tank at Mandaly Bay? THE shark tank!? Duhhhhhhhhhh

Put me in his Pocket!!

Ester Chang's got a Pic Pocket!!

Ran into this guy at Yerba Buena museum in SF - Look!! Its my 'Black Dust' illustration!! Thanks Isias!
Isaias Rodriguez's Pic Pocket

All I need is Warhol

So, I went to this show in Vegas, like in a gallery... and it was in the Bellagio and it was called Classic Contemporaries... which was pretty amazing- because I always figured I coined that term, and strived for it. Turns out Warhol, Lichtenstein and friends were on that tip a looooong time before I was. Anyways, the show was rad- as usual, and in the gift shop was all this Warhol pariphanellia, books, perfumes, mugs, keychains- whatevers- and the set of greeting cards I did with TeNeuess!! Which was kind of amazing- to be positioned by whatever clueless casino employee all up next to some Warhol stuff. I smiled the whole way home.