Gawwd, Ryan McGinley's new series up at Alison Jacques blows my mind. I'm so excited and envious that someone else has as much appreciation and adoration for stalagtites, stalagmites, infinate dark caves and saturated contrast as I do.... Awesome. Just when you thought it was over....


The Lost Storm

Sharks in Space. Black Claw. Infinate expanse of the universe, I pray to thee.

New 20 x 20" ink on paper for 111 Minna


GRNY October 17th

I'll be showing at Giant Robot's New York location on Saturday October 17th, at party time. Aaaaaand I'm gonna fly coast to coast just to party with you, so you'd better be there.
Hey New York. I love you. I'll see you soon.

Art Bureau/ Hannah Stouffer

Art Bureau is a art zine fostering a grassroots approach to promoting art, design and community.
The zine's half-size, landscape-format, provides ample room for artwork and articles about artistic collaborations, networking and art organizations.

Avaliable on Etsy- HERE!!

ART BUREAU 17: cover by Hannah Stouffer.
Contributors include:
Hannah Stouffer (Grand*Array);
Matt W. Moore (MWM Graphics); and
Nate Williams gives some great tips for illustrators looking for work.

Share some Candy!!!

Share some candy is a lovley little art blog site that was kind enough to feature one of my illustrations- I'll also be putting up a studio profile photoshoot with them in the next week or so- no secrets... my mess is your mess. We's a hot mess xxx

Baby Beards

Thank you Glitter and Rhinestones for the love


Hey San Francisco!!

See you at 111 Minna. 'Love it or Leave it' opens Thursday October 1, from 5pm till late. Lets throw some back xxx

Modern Mummification

Ok, so I remembered hearing about gold plating your pets once they died, and making pet mummy's, together for eternity they say... and after good dose of my daily research- it is confirmed. When I woke up this morning, my favorite little albino fish had passed, it was either a homicide or a heart attack- maybe I could have turned him into a sweet little pendant or something?? For a 30-50 lb mammal you're running a good $20,000 or so- but little Powder probably would have only cost like 8 bucks?!

Then, my assistant told me, when your pets die you can pay to get them blasted up into SPACE!!! I couldn't find anything when I googled "dead pets blasted into space" but I know she knows what she's talking about... Then there's this guy.

Recently,a cat was discovered in the walls of a cottage under renovation. It is thought that the cat was placed within the walls of the cottage years ago to ward off evil spirits. According to Mr. Richard Parson, a local funeral director and present owner of the cottage, his neighbors told him that the cat was also found behind the walls 20 years ago, but was replaced by the former resident. The cat is still in recognizable condition, with intact claws and teeth. God bless the internet.


Crack the Crystal Ball

New Taki's, Fuego Taki's

Some new new's and an old favorite... we're making moments


Snakes are coming out with CLAWS!!!!!!

Pythonaide Installation

Thanks to Origami Vinyl, Kissing Cousins and Blik art- up through the end of the month- go grab some LP's and sacrifice something...

New Blood!!

Blood is the New Black just dropped 2 new pieces of mine for the fall season- check out the current line HERE, hotttt stuff



Halloween is coming. Don't fuck it up again this year and sit at home pouting because the craft glue on your 12' handmade Shriek costume didn't dry in time. What are you gonna wear?!? MORE importantly, what is your Dog gonna be? This isn't my first post about dogs in costume, nor my last. It dosen't get much better than this, trust me, they LOVE it. xx

Check out this goldmine AND a matching Shark Attack costume for human!!

Here are some more brilliant ideas. Hurry hurry, get your glue guns, staples and thread, this holiday only happends once a year!! Unless you're on drugs or go to burning man- and then you're just a hippie- and in that case you probably already smoked your dog and you're trying to take a resin hit right now from his remains. Gross Hippie, gross.

IdN 15th Anniversary Book!!

Remember that video I did for IdN a millennium ago? Whuuull, its finally dropping!! As an addition to Idn's newest book release, What do you love? is their biggest-ever publication to-date! A massive 452-page hardcover packaged with higher resolutions DVD-9 production! Featuring specially commissioned work from 250+ of the highly talented creators who have collaborated with us over the last decade and a half — sharing their thoughts on the past; and their visions of the future.

Kissing Cousins/LA Weekly

The snake on the cover (by Hannah Stouffer) points to a past that's about as far from Silver Lake as one can get: Kissing Cousins singer Heather B. Heywood grew up the daughter to an Alabaman Pentecostal preacher before she moved to L.A., and it's her history with religion that most informs her band's LP debut. The music too sounds of another place and time -- Richard Swift, who produced Pillar Of Salt, has described the band as "the Shangri-Las-meets-Black Sabbath," and he's not too far off. Reverbed tambourine, lilting flute, heavy guitar and vocal harmony are the bones to which all else is tacked, and there's something about all that fuzz and spirit that plays best on the turntable. Check it out, get an MP3 HERE


Los Angeles on Fire

Every so often a large chunk of Los Angeles catches fire.

It happens, in the same way that a mosh pit happens at a death metal concert: you know it's coming and you just hope you're not near it when it does. And if you're smart you don't go to the concert in the first place, but I'm not about to leave California.

Angeles National Park is currently ablaze, and luckily it's not a place that's heavily inhabited. But there's a lot to burn there, and apparently the smoke is drifting at least as far north as Reno, NV, about 7 hours away. Thank you Flickr find. God, these are so gorgeous.

Origami Records/ Kissing Cousins

The turnout for the Kissing Cousins vinyl release the other night was incredible. Not that I should be surprised or anything, it was just warming to see everyone come to hear the album, drink a beer and hopefully catch a glimpse of the installation I did along with the work for their newest release, 'Pillar of Salt'. KC sounded beautiful, the acoustics inside the record shop matched perfectly with the macabre undertones and I was honored to be a part.. I'll post more detailed pics as soon... thank you Origami.

Red Brick Art Center

My opening at the Red Brick Art Center in Aspen, CO was a monumental event. I'm not sure what it means to go back to your home town and show some newly created darkness to family and friends that I have known my whole life, in what used to be my preschool- but Surprise!! I love you!!

This is your Spirit talking

Rumor has it the Spirit Animals book from Chronicle Books is out. I've yet to see it. I did however find these pics up from Lisa Cogdon, another contributing artist on the book. Just a preview...


Got invited to the Blacklist Film Festival in Lake Tahoe, won an award, drank some whisky, watched some horror shorts and had some nightmares. Thanks guys- sweet dreams.