Halloween is coming. Don't fuck it up again this year and sit at home pouting because the craft glue on your 12' handmade Shriek costume didn't dry in time. What are you gonna wear?!? MORE importantly, what is your Dog gonna be? This isn't my first post about dogs in costume, nor my last. It dosen't get much better than this, trust me, they LOVE it. xx

Check out this goldmine AND a matching Shark Attack costume for human!!

Here are some more brilliant ideas. Hurry hurry, get your glue guns, staples and thread, this holiday only happends once a year!! Unless you're on drugs or go to burning man- and then you're just a hippie- and in that case you probably already smoked your dog and you're trying to take a resin hit right now from his remains. Gross Hippie, gross.

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