Kissing Cousins/LA Weekly

The snake on the cover (by Hannah Stouffer) points to a past that's about as far from Silver Lake as one can get: Kissing Cousins singer Heather B. Heywood grew up the daughter to an Alabaman Pentecostal preacher before she moved to L.A., and it's her history with religion that most informs her band's LP debut. The music too sounds of another place and time -- Richard Swift, who produced Pillar Of Salt, has described the band as "the Shangri-Las-meets-Black Sabbath," and he's not too far off. Reverbed tambourine, lilting flute, heavy guitar and vocal harmony are the bones to which all else is tacked, and there's something about all that fuzz and spirit that plays best on the turntable. Check it out, get an MP3 HERE

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