Modern Mummification

Ok, so I remembered hearing about gold plating your pets once they died, and making pet mummy's, together for eternity they say... and after good dose of my daily research- it is confirmed. When I woke up this morning, my favorite little albino fish had passed, it was either a homicide or a heart attack- maybe I could have turned him into a sweet little pendant or something?? For a 30-50 lb mammal you're running a good $20,000 or so- but little Powder probably would have only cost like 8 bucks?!

Then, my assistant told me, when your pets die you can pay to get them blasted up into SPACE!!! I couldn't find anything when I googled "dead pets blasted into space" but I know she knows what she's talking about... Then there's this guy.

Recently,a cat was discovered in the walls of a cottage under renovation. It is thought that the cat was placed within the walls of the cottage years ago to ward off evil spirits. According to Mr. Richard Parson, a local funeral director and present owner of the cottage, his neighbors told him that the cat was also found behind the walls 20 years ago, but was replaced by the former resident. The cat is still in recognizable condition, with intact claws and teeth. God bless the internet.

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