Monster Mash Kicks!!!!

1800 Tequlia and Nike teamed up and put these together....In my air force ones....
Lace up!


Reccomended Reads/Listens

Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black. Both of these heads of the State have new solo albums out right now, and a book! Showalter’s Sandwiches and Cats album goes head to head with Black's 'My Custom Van'... highly reccomended. See you in the PIT!

Interactive Arts

It appears to me that recently there has been a lot more dancing and group participation involved with media arts- which I hereby declare totally awesome...
I saw Dan Deacon at the Getty a few weeks ago in LA, and Paper Rad in SF at the Yerba Buena a couple months back. I also went to a 3-D Imax last night about sardines... and Ariel Pink which are kind of similar, but really different- maybe just similar in my taste in activity.

Blood on Deck

New Skate Decks out with Blood is the New Black... avaliable soon- kind of excitinggg!



Chronicle Books and I have collaborated with a brilliant group of authors on a treasury of erotic stories entitled 'X'... dropping soon with Chronicle Books, keep your eyes hottt


Aaron Horkey

... blows my mind
Duh fo life. 26 color silkscreen plus his own blood?!?! gimmie a freakin break man.

Things getting supermanned

Top 5 in 'Favorite things ever'