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Entrevista con un cuervo

Hannah Stouffer es artista visual y edita las secciones Erótica e Ilustración de la revista Juxtapoz. Nos habla sobre su interés por mitos, magia, subculturas, esqueletos, animales y la influencia de su padre documentalista en su obra. Además adelanta: está por pasar de la oscuridad a la luz.

You can read the original HERE.
Or the English translation HERE.


I have 4 pieces from my Myth Ritual series up at Black Water Gallery in Portland through the end of the month. Presented by Dennis Dread- the latest grand declaration of art against the modern world, on display from June 2 through July 4 at Black Water Gallery in southeast Portland, Oregon with a very special Opening Reception on Thursday, June 2 featuring performances by The Bi-Marks and Weregoat! CUT & PASTED // BURNED & WASTED is an incendiary display of handmade relics and artifacts from the thriving international metal & punk underground, featuring more than a dozen artists from around the world.

Gourmet Kickz x 1800 Tequila

Gourmet Kickz x 1800 Tequila Essential Collaboration. 1800 Tequila has released an Essential Artists Collaboration with highly acclaimed artists from around the world who have designed their own exclusive bottles. In return, Gourmet Kickz has created some custom Air Force Ones to match each of these special bottles.

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Hello Juxtapoz

Illustrating explosive emotional transcendence, Hannah Stouffer is
best known for her intricately executed imagery and shadowy, ethereal
themes. Stouffer has maintained a strong presence in the illustration
world while simultaneously exhibiting her work as both a commercial
and fine artist and is NOW the Illustration Editor over at Juxtapoz.
Hello Blue Eyes. Hello Juxtapoz.


Art Haus #2- Hannah Stouffer

New feature up on Hard Feelings for a secret peek into my art collection and inner workings of a closet goth. Thanks Dj WhateverWhatever....


I Love You, but I'm Tumbling, Too...

I've added a Tumblr blog to my life. Image Heavy Heavy Hitters.. Follow me HERE Love. Lust. Gore.