New Little Friends.

Don't forget to feed your fishes. Go'head... do it. Click em.

I have a problem.

Do you ever feel like everybody has a sweet custom van but you?? Me too.

Morbidly Romantic

Weekly Roundup.
Nice little post up on Nollie.
Trend Hunter caught a little glimpse of the Blik wall decals I did...
as did Mocoloco (which I love, I adore you guys) Design Milk (thank you, thank you, thank you) and Set your Style blog. So much love to go around I could be spinning in my sleep through eternity. Oh wait, I already am.

Feast of Flesh

San Francisco, thank you for The Magazine, $1 Hamms and the feeling that you give me from Bernal Hill when the setting sun reflects off of the windows of all the houses in Oakland, and makes it look like the hills are on fire. I just love that.

Animal Kingdom II

Surpliseeeee!!! We're Here again!!!! New with Upper Playground. Holla atcha fatha!! x

She Haunts the Night

Light Echoes Dark

Happy Anniversary Nylon

You know I luh you Chloe. Blood is the New Black partnered up with Nylon to make some artist edition throwbacks from previous covers. This babe is from 2003 and got to feel my illustrations all over. Feel me!? Can you feel me now?? How about now? Feel talk.

Blood of my Blood

They got the New News... Blood is the New Black just dropped tees and tanks for springgggggg!! x



Duh dude, get with it. IMSOSUREDUDE is life. Kick down the door, burn out and turn that shit up- all the way and to the MAXXXXXX!!! This is like my favorite blog, ever, forever, for life. This is your life. ps Jesse rules so hard.



Just for the record, this was totally my idea. So, I go in to get a tattoo of the Bermuda Triangle cause I figured it would be a pretty good idea to dedicate a part of myself to a portion of the universe also known as the Devil's Triangle, and a region in which a number of aircraft and surface vessels are alleged to have mysteriously disappeared in a manner that cannot be explained by human error, piracy, equipment failure, or natural disasters. If we can attribute these disappearances to the paranormal, a suspension of the laws of physics, or activity by extraterrestrial beings- then I'm in, for life. Lets go on a honeymoon to the Bimini Islands and just disappear.

Hard Feelings.

Hey. Do you like cool stuff? Then add Hard Feelings to your usual roster of things to look at to make your day better while you pretend to be working, but really you're just checking your email over and over again and seeing if any of your favorite blogs have anything good to say. Well, guess what- Hard Feelings is your new favorite blog. Check it often, bookmark it, write it on your hand, get drunk and tell your friends, and notice the sweet header... Thanks to Dylan over there for all the support and admiration for all things epic, and metal and 90's. Party in the van.


Dark Vast Void

I think I forgot to show you this, the install I did over at the Catalyst / Puma show in LA a few months ago... with the Blik decals, my first video project installation, 4 owls and a crystal ball...

... it was pretty coo...


What do you want to talk about?? How about shoes?


Cliff Your Ride

So, Auto Trader is hosting a contest- to Cliff Your Ride!!! Which, in theory, is like the awesomest concept ever!! You get to drive your car off a cliff and watch it explode and get a buncha money!! I bet they do the old brick on the pedal trick- or maybe Mister X to the Z Xhibit drives it for you- Cliff Your Ride Dawg!! I just realized this blog is turning into me researching fire, cars, lazers, Metal and cool animated gif's all day- and telling you about it. I hope you love it cause its the least I can do to keep my mind busy.... from... loving it. You. x

Noir en Noir en Noir

This one is for you Danielle. Love you Chicken. x

Nike 6.0 Outerware for 2010

Surprise!!! I'm responsible for the hesher in the middle.


Lazer Nation

Go on a vision quest.
Bring the tazer my parents got me for Christmas last year.
Don't get abducted by aliens- EVER, but I'd totally play lazer tag with them sometime.
Ride on a dolphin
Make a cake shaped like Garfield, or Slimer- I just remembered I TOTALLY had a crush on Slimer when I was like 5.
Video games still aren't cool, no matter what you say.
Teach my dog how to bring home the bacon- both literally, AND literally.
Damn it, now I want cake.
Finish at least one good sketchbook.
Finish at least one good word book.
Nothing about me + a van = a hippie. At all. Don't ever say that again.
I should probably watch all those films everyone always tells me to watch.
Learn how to play a few Sabbath riffs on my Casio while playing one of my mini electric guitars at the same time, and make a video.
I got the most EPIC old Ozzy tee at the flea market yesterday.
Lets go play lazer tag, look at a really amazing view and love the shirt offa this!!


Blik x Hannah Stouffer

Get your empty spaces ready!! Blik graphics is releasing my new collection of removable decals this week!!

My dogg is cute.

My Custom Van

I'm currently on the market for a van. Airbrushing like Cowabungaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Teenwolf all the way across the country!! I'll cut a hole in the floor and a sunroof out the top! Blood SLAYER pentagram on the side!!! Party in the vaaaaan maaaaaan x

The Pythons are Coming!!

One of my all time favorite current event news topics is the increasing population of gigantic predatory pythons living in the Everglades in Florida and the ever present threat that they are going to migrate all the way across the country to the west coast and start eating our children!! This is awesome because 1) people are fucking crazy and have decided that when their imported pet snakes get too huge they are just gonna let them loose and grow into these insane monster pythons free to roam the wetlands devouring everything in their path and 2) because the thought of a pack of enormous snakes crawling from Florida to California is the most amazing base for the next serpentine cult classic featuring Iced-T, Ice Cube, Tone Loc, Kool Keith, Dre, Snoop, The Game and any other rappers that want to get involved... not to mention the alligator/python war that is also occurring out there!!


Start Taking Notes

Hey Virginia.

You and Me. Feb 26-28. With Vans. Hello?? Is anybody out there?? So, I got these shoes... and Black Roses Tell A Story.
Oh yeah, and here's a little something for the kidz x

Dante's Inferno

Dante's Inferno is now a video game. This is weird. Leave it to the gamers to decipher that a 14th century poet's description of hell was the perfect groundwork for the video game...
Although, “An epic journey through nine circles of a fiery hell filled with monstrous beasts and condemned souls" does sound like the basis for some pretty epic adventure. This is almost the kind of thing I'd be into... but lets do it FOR REAL.
“This makes for an ideal videogame setting packed with exhilarating imagery and a plot theme that attempts to follow the poem’s narrative in new sensory experience. The video game producers are also releasing a print edition of the poem illustrated by pictures from the game. They hope it will encourage a new generation of gamers to read Dante's original work." Shut up, Dorks. Get outside.


This is your life.

...and I can't even fucking think straight. Blanket me and drag me into the woods.



Unless somebody steps in here I'm getting dangerously close to retiring my black and gold gangster Cadillac DeVille for a 1983 Subaru Brat, with a little baby cab on top, obviously black, analog everything, ready to ride. At this point it seems like the most sensical thing to do- nothing about economy, they just look real rad.

... either that or a custom van. seriously. I'm kinda freaking out over here maaaaaan.