Dante's Inferno

Dante's Inferno is now a video game. This is weird. Leave it to the gamers to decipher that a 14th century poet's description of hell was the perfect groundwork for the video game...
Although, “An epic journey through nine circles of a fiery hell filled with monstrous beasts and condemned souls" does sound like the basis for some pretty epic adventure. This is almost the kind of thing I'd be into... but lets do it FOR REAL.
“This makes for an ideal videogame setting packed with exhilarating imagery and a plot theme that attempts to follow the poem’s narrative in new sensory experience. The video game producers are also releasing a print edition of the poem illustrated by pictures from the game. They hope it will encourage a new generation of gamers to read Dante's original work." Shut up, Dorks. Get outside.

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