Lazer Nation

Go on a vision quest.
Bring the tazer my parents got me for Christmas last year.
Don't get abducted by aliens- EVER, but I'd totally play lazer tag with them sometime.
Ride on a dolphin
Make a cake shaped like Garfield, or Slimer- I just remembered I TOTALLY had a crush on Slimer when I was like 5.
Video games still aren't cool, no matter what you say.
Teach my dog how to bring home the bacon- both literally, AND literally.
Damn it, now I want cake.
Finish at least one good sketchbook.
Finish at least one good word book.
Nothing about me + a van = a hippie. At all. Don't ever say that again.
I should probably watch all those films everyone always tells me to watch.
Learn how to play a few Sabbath riffs on my Casio while playing one of my mini electric guitars at the same time, and make a video.
I got the most EPIC old Ozzy tee at the flea market yesterday.
Lets go play lazer tag, look at a really amazing view and love the shirt offa this!!

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