I've been having the strangest dreams....


Oh Man.


Hannah Stouffer X BURRO Messenger Bags

Jacksonville based brand BURRO teamed up with illustrator Hannah Stouffer on this year's artist series messenger bags- exclusive and limited, available HERE until they're GONE!!


After the Party

There's the Afterparty

Its a Holidaxxxze

Santa Baby,


God is Just Pretend.

Keep Doing That.

Ryan De La Hoz, David V. D'Andrea, Swoon and Claire Rojas

Thank You.

David V. D'Andrea

Be still my heart. Pay him a visit.

Make Your Case

Case-Mate and BlackBook are searching for the next IMakeMyCase.com artist for "The City Is Your Canvas Contest." Win $1,000 cash, your own "I Make My Case" Customizer, and a percentage of revenue for your cases sold!


SIMS X Hannah Stouffer

Sims commissioned Oakland base illustrator Hannah Stouffer to design the 10/11 Men’s Protocol and Women’s Heiress boards. This is the second installment of the Sims Artist Series collaboration with a well known artist. Born in Aspen, CO, Hannah has strong ties to the snowboard community and her work really communicates the essence of the Sims brand. Her art brings a fresh perspective to the Sims line shown in the vibrancy of the “Winters Mountain” piece contrasted against the white top sheet of the Heiress board.


Sliding on Skin

NEW for 2010/2011 the B-Pro series board for GNU- illustrated by Hannah Stouffer. Snakeskin textured topsheet in Miami Vice Candy Colors. Get Cold. Stay Wet.

Dark + Dawn / GrandArray / Blood is the New Black

New Vertebrae Signet Ring. GO HARD
Designed by Dark + Dawn for Blood is the New Black. This Sterling Silver ring by Hannah Stouffer has vertebrae down the bands and a jewel cut on the front perfect for sealing all your secret correspondence. Inside the band reads "Love Lust and Gore" for all you sexy dirty folks. Inside font by the Master Lizard Wizard. Made to order. Meep Meep. POOF!!