I'm just gonna start drawing still lifes again...

Every now and then...

... I think we still actually understand eachother.

Longing to Love You

Spring is here...

... and I can't help but notice all of the new little baby birds, freshly fallen out of their nests.


Lock up the Wolves

Dio, can you hear me, I am lost and so alone....I'm asking for your guidance, won't you come down from your throne?

I swear to god, watching Dio and Heaven and Hell perform at the Masters of Metal show 2 years ago at Shoreline amphitheater changed my life.

RIP RJD. All my heart...

Where's Waldo

The Littlest Hobo hits NY. For the final stretch in my 3 month travelling bender, I'll be spending the final days in New York City. I can definiatley say that given these 3 months, I was able to clearly define and re-evaluate a lot, for work, for personal and for future. 8 hours on the Amtrak train and a month of solitude will do that to you.

I've decided to write a self-induced thesis paper- on Magical Arts, starting now, and create an entire new body of work based on this and themes of our desire and superstitions on fate and the inevitable.

If I got a piece of taxidermy, I would like a black panther, a jaguar, or I'd settle for a black house cat- with wings

Every city is the same, everywhere has the same stuff, its just a little bit different.



'Obsessive Combustion' a production based off of an illustration by Hannah Stouffer.

diamond black

darkness weaves

Fall in Love

God damn it Fleet, you girls run this city. YOU- go buy some fucking rock and roll chains and live a little. Get Hot. Love you till I die. We MASH.

all i needs

a fucking red jacket with some zippers

I just want to watch

I stopped by the Warhol museum today is Pittsburgh, PA- a place I've wanted to go to my whole life. I fucking love Andy Warhol, I love his persona, his disposition, his awkward appeal and his innate ability as an artist to own it. The musuem certainly exceeded my expectations... all 6 floors of it, the taxidermy great dane, room full of silver inflated metallic floating balloon pillows and all 89 television screens playing every film Warhol had ever made, been in or been a part of. I almost bought this book again, I think I've already read it 4 times- but I love it. Read it.

Andy Warhol is known for taking common objects and repeating and exploiting them until all meaning, value and association is lost and they simply become common, familiar and recognizable to the masses. In my opinion, this can also be said for his current popularity and iconic image that he has become, but frankly, I think that is probably exactly what he would have wanted.

I loved the display case that held his old black reeboks, black turtleneck and Levi's jeans that he would wear everyday- so much. I wish we could have hung out, I know we'd get along....

Andrew Sebastian Feature

Check out my new artist line of pillows, interview and feature HERE

Hello from Pizzaland

So, I did it. I tried Dominos today. The big news in pizzaland is that Domino's announced that it had a new pizza recipe, new crust, new sauce, new cheeze- make you wanna scream PizzaTown. Well... it tasted like Pizza- and who dosen't like pizza?? Unless you're Garfield or that kid from Gummo- then you love pizza. eh- ima cheese spaghettiiii.....


Digital Hugs

Are all I got. Motel 6, crawly sheets, pawn shops and the free wifi at Hooters and McDonalds.

I just booked a ticket home.... 17 more cans of beans to go.

More Blik

A few more pics from the photoshoot with Blik wall graphics... have you seen those??

what day is it?

irrelevant. I have a new line of pillows out with Andrew Sebastian. Is it 2010??

animated gif 2am fridays