Where's Waldo

The Littlest Hobo hits NY. For the final stretch in my 3 month travelling bender, I'll be spending the final days in New York City. I can definiatley say that given these 3 months, I was able to clearly define and re-evaluate a lot, for work, for personal and for future. 8 hours on the Amtrak train and a month of solitude will do that to you.

I've decided to write a self-induced thesis paper- on Magical Arts, starting now, and create an entire new body of work based on this and themes of our desire and superstitions on fate and the inevitable.

If I got a piece of taxidermy, I would like a black panther, a jaguar, or I'd settle for a black house cat- with wings

Every city is the same, everywhere has the same stuff, its just a little bit different.

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Anonymous said...

ny is pretty close to boston. i'm just saying.