...is so rad. This was taken on 24th St. by Potrero in SF, shortly after her show at the Luggage Store- which was like one giant gypsy, skeletal, paper cutout vintage doily sea salt goldmine under the bridge down by the ocean. I was thoroughly impressed- though i think it gave me anxiety to work harder. they slept in there for 2 weeks- and it showed.

Ready Made Mag.

New illustration in Ready Made Magazine

Curvy 5

YEN brings you an exhibition and book featuring 100 of the most exciting female graphic artists and illustrators in the world. Up in herrre, up in herrre

Your favourite annual ALL-GIRL art book, CURVY - created by the team behind YEN MAGAZINE - has been kicking up a creative storm since 2004 and with the fifth edition about to launch, CURVY remains an international favourite amongst lovers of art and supporters of female artists. Each year the book features 100 of the most exciting female graphic designers and illustrators from over 20 countries around the world!

CURVY is a must for anyone passionate about graphic design and illustration that wants to be inspired by a new generation of outstanding female creative talent. Produced by YEN magazine - CURVY kicks off in April & consists of a cool limited edition book and a national event tour.
Yen Magazine

Throw some cheese on it

I have now found a way, and a reason. Thank you chester cheetah. From now on, this is my most favorite thing next to demolition derby and monster trucks.

Cheeto Jesus.

What does it all mean?


death metal sabertooth

happy birthday. i got you something. now gimmie 2o bucks or i'll cut you open.
Bert over at Art Bureau is producing a limited amount of these for the upcoming issue, because i'm really metal. and really gangster. recognize. lifey.

booya grandma!

this guy! dick bobnick! man! i've been wondering who did those pin-up illustrations for camel for a milennium! and the bond montages?! gimmie a freakin break! jeebus. there is hope.


Solid Gold Snakebite

...some things never change. Black on black. Emerald Boa, King Cobra. Le Beau Or Noir. Death at Dawn. In the light of Dusk. Platinum Plus. Crown Royal royal purple Solid Gold. Alligator Handbag, now and later gators on. Custom fitted, white leather, and my fingernails matchin'



...my jewerrys too loud baby girl I can't hear ya.

I do it all for you.

New posters from Grandarray will be out soon by popular demand, 10,000 BC, Classic Romantik and Darkness Falls, limited edition prints- avaliable on Grandarray.etsy.com check back! xx


xxx RIALTO DEATH BRIGADE FORCE xxx CLick CLack Click CLack - Make it Rain SPRFKRS!! - xxx
I only wear SPRFKR. Again and Again.

God Almighty Heaven's Holy Ghost in the Darkness Baby Jesus Whitesnake Poison Faster Faster

... stay with me forever


Drink More Tequlia

Blood is the New Black

New shirts out with Blood is the New Black, more for the summer, and more for the fall... oxox
Go there. BITNB. Buy something pretty.

Derek Riggs will eat your face

Zombie Great. Can't get much more metal than this. Iron Maiden's illustrator, and creator of Eddie, Derek Riggs will devour your squirming, maggot-infested entrails and hemmoraging brains in a zombie induced feast until dawn. And you will fucking love it.

More work by Derek Riggs