Olympic Season!!

Nike 6.0 darkhorse rider Greg Bretz was at the first stop of the U.S. Olympic snowboard qualifiers (a.k.a. the Grand Prix series) that hit Copper Mountain, Colorado this weekend, and Nike 6.0 riders put in a first-class U-tube show despite brisk temps that often registered below zero. Brrrrr … Colorado in December! Greg Bretz was also rocking the Nike 6.0 outerware I designed- dropping Fall 2010- see you next year!! xo

Hannah Stouffer x VANS

Its official. Watch for me in Spring 2010- Black Roses Tell a Story high-top signature VANS. Thanks M.I.S.S. for the post!! I'm so excitedddddd!!!!!

Mitra / Blood / Say Mayday

Check out the great little interview up on Say Mayday of Blood is the New Black's Mitra Khayyam!! Posting up in front of the Blood window installation I've been working on For Like Ever... awesome!!!


Lost In a Supermarket

'End Days' opens on Saturday at an undisclosed location in the warehouse district of Los Angeles. Rumor has it the rooftop patio is bananas and the drinks are cheap and plentiful. I really wanted to set up my installation in their enormous freight elevator- but I guess that excitement held hands with the danger of packing a bunch of unsuspecting victims in a confined space with sacrificial shrines and cow skulls- I still think its a good idea. Either way, I'm still blowing the faces off of every attending guest. I hope you like the apocalypse and rapture, cause I sure do. Oh, here's an interview too.... xxx


Burn Slow.

Its been some time since I put any real blog posts up, any lengthy writing, anything more than quick content.... and I apologize. I've been in my head a lot, planning new ideas, experimenting with mediums- loving a lot and learning. I also finished writing a short epic metal trilogy- entitled Burn Slow... I put together a little hand printed zine of it also- avaliable HERE. Enjoy. Decadence, Wrath and Fate. Burn Slow.

You awake. The shadows of darkness consume you. It awaits, you can feel it. The time of things to come, the inevitable, time vs. man. The era of change, the edge, the end of all you know. Welcome the dance of death, Danse Macabre, and watch yourself fade away. The dark hunter seeks, stalking low, daydreams turn to nightmares. This is your fate, it takes you in- let it take you in. In he glow of the shadow's end, rouge spirit weaves. The conflict of the summer's sun, the eternal moon, the call of the night herald. It has been this way since the beginning, destiny’s winds bleed your fate. It travels out of the forest and into the light- chasing its own path, escaping its shadows. Now it’s your turn, black smoke fills the room….

Caves expand, water rises, cracks of lighting break the sky. Rubies spill and blood runs over- this is the struggle of the underground. Survivors reign, a constant take over, left repeating. Empty fears, cold winds- embers bum slow. Dawn will come. Time will pass and dawn will come. Predators watch over prey- devouring their young…anxiously waiting, restless in heaven’s rays, northern lights and solar flare. A dull glow on stone, the realm iron islands. It’s always winter somewhere…
The deepest black, noir my love. Dark flame, double sword, more despair. The serpent’s only true twilight, golden venom and the conquest of two worlds- lower your head, kneel and bow. The surrender, the sacrifice, clouds and the snow covered veil. Island of fire, sea of flame- in morbid colors, all is lost. Sink, fail and melt into nothingness. Suffer my desire. On a bed of black roses, it drains your heart’s blood, you can't win. The look of love, night lands, lost worlds and black dust. The sun sets into the deep. The tide grows dark, rises, and the fog rolls in.

The lure of eagles, lawless lovers blinded, a heart’s desire– they aim straight, with empty eyes through conflicting rain. Silence and stillness. Carved deep in the damp bark of eve, forcing, gaping and splitting open. All these tears, in death's arms never stray. The road goes ever on, pray for me. Evening frights, pray for me. Darkness weaves, in fields of the setting sun, black roses tell a story. Caves of ocean, spirit fire and rouge. Black dawn brings me here- beyond the fields we know, welcome the arrival. Tepid Neon, frozen clarity, darkness falls forever… everything is going extremley well.
Close your eyes, fill your whole head with gold. Architecture, alchemy and consciousness. The lord of the ages cloaks you and blankets his warmth. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. The symmetry of the universe, the cycle unveils. The great expanse, eternity storms, and you are helpless in the abyss. The cavernous, the vortex, salvation, a memory the organs moans… Salt, wind and hair, skin to bone. Your hands grasp, vision grows dim. You’ve fallen. You’re here; and here you will sleep. Bonne nuit crystal cave, goodnight sweetheart, fade to black.


Black Curtains

I'm not sure what language this is in- but I got a nice little post up on Cream Magazine... and on the creative collection site Be A Creature

Thank you thank you. My heart goes out to you, wraps around the globe twice, and sinks back in to m chest x

Just in time for the holidaze...

Come over!! I'm baking goodies! xoxo

Printed Matter GRSF

Hey Friends!! Friends of Friends!! Friends that want Friends!! The Giant Robot printed matter show opens up this Saturday in San Francisco- I'll be displaying a series of prints with all my best friends and favorite enemies. Great, affordable holiday ideas and selfish treasures. Go say hello for me, I'll be busy hibernating in sunny LA. xo


$10! $10! $10Bucksssssss!

GrandArray $10- Holiday SALE!!!
FREE hand printed gift card set with every order!!


Limited edition prints, tees and pillows
ALL only $10- bucks!! Tis the season, give a little- x

$10 on everything until it sells out!!


New new's

The progression of things...


Orange Alert / Hannah Stouffer

Nice little interview up on Orange Alert.
"It was Gandhi that said, "Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes", and it is that concept that lays the foundation for the work of Hannah Stouffer. It's not that her work is filled with mistakes, no in fact there are many fine precisions and details that she adds, but it is more that she works in a way that allows for freedom. For me what makes watercolor so beautiful is its ability to spread out and explore a canvas, and beneath the darker and primal imagery in Hannah's work is that exploration and searching watercolors expanding on their own across the canvas.


Artist lamp show, Enlighten, benefiting inner-city arts opens this Saturday in Culver City! Catch a glimpse of my limited edition 'More Despair' lamp!


Lemme tease you...

To the Black Cave!

Currenty in progress- I've been working on an install painting the windows at the new Blood is the New Black Showroom in Echo Park, LA... hopefully wrapping it up sometime in the next week or so so we can partyyyy about ittttt!!!

Blu Magazine

New little interview coming out in Blu Magazine-go get that good mail.


I have to yell you something.

There are going to be some new additions happening around here... very soon. Black on Black on Black. Love Lust and Gore. I'm kind of excited. Its kind of exciting. Yell Yes. x



The Big Payback

Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine celebrates its 15th anniversary with “The Big Payback,” an online charity art auction and a special event in Los Angeles hosted by Upper Playground. The event benefits the non-profit Power House Project of Detroit.

“The Big Payback” auction features original artwork from over 100 national and internationally renowned contemporary artists i
From October 28th – November 20th, 2009, the public can bid on the first 100 pieces of artwork, which is being auctioned off solely at www.CharityBuzz.com/Auctions/Juxtapoz/Catalog_Items/

All proceeds from the auction to be donated to the Power House Project to help purchase and renovate foreclosed and abandoned homes in the Detroit area.

In celebration of the auction and Juxtapoz’s 15th anniversary, Upper Playground will host an exclusive event in Los Angeles on November 14, 2009 to view the featured artwork on display and meet with the contributing artists.

WHEN: Saturday, November 14, 2009 from 7-11 pm

WHERE: The Factory Place Arts Complex, 1308 Factory Place, Los Angeles, CA 9001

Its official....

The countdown has begun.



Blood Lust, Love and Gore

Thank you to everyone that came out and RAGED IT!! with us at the Blood is the New Black Anniversary party at Junc Gallery. Special thanks to the guest dancers that were in the house, and everyone that took home some party favors, a zine, or one of my prints (sold those out!!) You own my heart. x


Lady Likes Darkness

Thank you, Lady Likes you too

BLOOD / Junc

Blood is the New Black & Junc Gallery Present:
Blood is the New Black: 5 Year Anniversary Exhibition
November 7 - December 14, 2009
Opening Reception and Party Saturday November 7, 7-11 pm
4017 Sunset Blvd
Silverlake, CA 90029


Featuring new work by:
Skinner, Skye Parrott, Keaton Henson, Demonbabies, Porous Walker, Andrea Shear, Jesse Spears, Bryan Ray Turcotte, Brendan Donnelly, Sumi Ink Club, Patrick Jilbert, Sterling Bartlett, Michael Sieben, Jeff P, Dan Monick, Mel Kadel, Travis Millard, Scott Barry, Pete and Jo, Josh Slater, Jason Fischer, Hannah Stouffer, Dylan Haley, Demonbabies & more!

Be sure to check out the Blood is the New Black pop up store opening night with shirts, prints, zines and more!

Beer courtesy of Nakhon Beer and cupcakes from Lemonade (yum!)



All the work from 'Vast Happenings' show at Giant Robot NY is now avaliable online!!



Alright, man, thats it.... Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you- Sterling Bartlett.
... and thanks to Saymayday for the beautiful feature, the love and all the kind words- jeez guys, what have I done to deserve this?? thanks Sterls.... x

Wundervollen die Farben!!

Thank you Feingut!! Wundervollen!!


North Face / Grand Array

Stopped by The North Face offices in San Leandro yesterday with Jen to take a peek at the outer ware we are coming out with in Fall 2010... all 4 jackets will be for the summit line- in 2 different colorways. They are looking amazing. Jen and I both got some samples to take home and party with in our living rooms and pretend like its snowing... Here I am with John and Julie over at North Face... I realllllly wanna show you- but I can't, but if you look in the lower left of this photo... that might be something x

... the sun finally sets

Despite the harsh winds of Father Winter, the 'Vast Happenings' show at Giant Robot in New York last weekend brought out a cozy little crowd, a bunch of Euro's, and a grip of old friends to make me remember that I don't make it out to the east coast nearly enough- but plenty until I figure out how to swing that whole '5 homes in 5 cities' thing... until then...

...we can all finally rest for awhile. Thank you. I love you.

Heart Heart Heart Aimee and Peter Reiss for the amazing night.... my heart- 28 years strong....

ArtArtArt Comics

Thank you everyone that came out and visited us at A.P.E. this year... I'll be putting the left over merch. up in the Grand*Array store in case you reeeeeally wanted a copy of the new epic 'Burn Slow' mini Metal trilogy I wrote for the show but showed up too late and just got the crumbs.... next time come earlier, and bring me some juice.