Burn Slow.

Its been some time since I put any real blog posts up, any lengthy writing, anything more than quick content.... and I apologize. I've been in my head a lot, planning new ideas, experimenting with mediums- loving a lot and learning. I also finished writing a short epic metal trilogy- entitled Burn Slow... I put together a little hand printed zine of it also- avaliable HERE. Enjoy. Decadence, Wrath and Fate. Burn Slow.

You awake. The shadows of darkness consume you. It awaits, you can feel it. The time of things to come, the inevitable, time vs. man. The era of change, the edge, the end of all you know. Welcome the dance of death, Danse Macabre, and watch yourself fade away. The dark hunter seeks, stalking low, daydreams turn to nightmares. This is your fate, it takes you in- let it take you in. In he glow of the shadow's end, rouge spirit weaves. The conflict of the summer's sun, the eternal moon, the call of the night herald. It has been this way since the beginning, destiny’s winds bleed your fate. It travels out of the forest and into the light- chasing its own path, escaping its shadows. Now it’s your turn, black smoke fills the room….

Caves expand, water rises, cracks of lighting break the sky. Rubies spill and blood runs over- this is the struggle of the underground. Survivors reign, a constant take over, left repeating. Empty fears, cold winds- embers bum slow. Dawn will come. Time will pass and dawn will come. Predators watch over prey- devouring their young…anxiously waiting, restless in heaven’s rays, northern lights and solar flare. A dull glow on stone, the realm iron islands. It’s always winter somewhere…
The deepest black, noir my love. Dark flame, double sword, more despair. The serpent’s only true twilight, golden venom and the conquest of two worlds- lower your head, kneel and bow. The surrender, the sacrifice, clouds and the snow covered veil. Island of fire, sea of flame- in morbid colors, all is lost. Sink, fail and melt into nothingness. Suffer my desire. On a bed of black roses, it drains your heart’s blood, you can't win. The look of love, night lands, lost worlds and black dust. The sun sets into the deep. The tide grows dark, rises, and the fog rolls in.

The lure of eagles, lawless lovers blinded, a heart’s desire– they aim straight, with empty eyes through conflicting rain. Silence and stillness. Carved deep in the damp bark of eve, forcing, gaping and splitting open. All these tears, in death's arms never stray. The road goes ever on, pray for me. Evening frights, pray for me. Darkness weaves, in fields of the setting sun, black roses tell a story. Caves of ocean, spirit fire and rouge. Black dawn brings me here- beyond the fields we know, welcome the arrival. Tepid Neon, frozen clarity, darkness falls forever… everything is going extremley well.
Close your eyes, fill your whole head with gold. Architecture, alchemy and consciousness. The lord of the ages cloaks you and blankets his warmth. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. The symmetry of the universe, the cycle unveils. The great expanse, eternity storms, and you are helpless in the abyss. The cavernous, the vortex, salvation, a memory the organs moans… Salt, wind and hair, skin to bone. Your hands grasp, vision grows dim. You’ve fallen. You’re here; and here you will sleep. Bonne nuit crystal cave, goodnight sweetheart, fade to black.

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