You're a gadget

Hannah Stouffer, an artist for Casemate shares her thoughts on working online, ‘Having an online presence is huge – it’s becoming our only means of communication and is an incredible outlet for every type of information imaginable. I’ve had a site up for as long as I’ve known how to work with the web, even before I was an ‘illustrator’. Her foray into working with gadgets appears to have been fairly accidental, stemming from a love of printing. ‘I (was) silk-screening the floors, the walls, tees, posters, stickers, anything I could find’. This segued into licensing her work, which then made its way onto a variety of devices, from clothes to iPhone skins. When asked if she felt working like this decreased her artistic integrity, she retorted, ‘Do you feel with merging your writing with technology decreases your integrity as a writer?’. I’m guessing that’s a no, then.

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