Thank you Sao Palo

New interview/feature/background up on SPFW, complete with a lot of really nice things in Portuguese.

I don't want to bore you too much, so I'll just translate some of the highlights and then you can imagine all the other life altering, mind blowing things I could really be talking about- better touch up on that whole 'get bilingual' New Years resolution thing. Its the 400th anniversary year of the invention of the telescope- and we have discovered 132,000 blackholes to date, but the possibilities are infinite... wrap your mind warp around THAT!

Where are you from?
Raised by wolves, Aspen, CO
Where do you live now?
Los Angeles
How old are you?
Almost 28, but I feel like I'm 12 most of the time
What inspires you?
Just about everything. I’m always really excited- I love this shit. Early mornings, Mondays, light, color, contrast, passion, human emotion, a well dressed gentleman, red lips, the unexpected, the familiar, sub-cultures- packages from my mom, Spongebob tattoos, switchblades, pet-stores, dead animals, open air, Garfield, Whisky, hearing some really loud gangster rap coming out a car really early in the morning…
What are your plans for the future?

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