Call it Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal movie poster. Pure Metal. Pure Awesome. Chris Achilleos was the illustrator for this back '81. Some say its Richard Corben- who did do a lot of the illustrations and covers for Heavy Metal Magazine, but not the movie poster. Achilleos signs his works with a copywrite sign and an 'A'. Either way, its amazing.

Other works by Chris Achilleos

Boris Vallejo is another one of the greatest fantasy illustrators, ever. I wish I had a favorite of his, I love his earlier works from the 60's and 70's. Everything got weird in the 80's and 90's- there was like this void of confusion and hairspray that turned everything really ugly... look at fashion (besides the fact that its so hot right now), even the girls in Playboy looked weird. You just can't fuck with this guy. He did the freakin Aqua Teen Hunger Force poster too, what more do you want?
More Boris

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