Hard Feelings Q & m'fn' A

Q: What one song would you want played at your funeral?
A: Guns and Roses, Night Train.
Q: What’s been informing your work the most lately?
A: Destiny, Wrath and Fate… oh, also dragons, caves, black cats, and feminine embellishment like feathers, pearls, ribbons, gems and gold chains… to keep it classy. I’ve been obsessively buying old spirographs off ebay, so… I guess that will have something to do with my work in the near future.
Q: If you won the lottery (big time), would you keep working or leave it all behind for a life of leisure?
A: I’d probably start by going to the grocery store, then I’d get my nails did and buy some fancy shoes… then I’d go back to business as usual- but I’d be able to buy more rounds of drinks for all my friends and take everyone out to fancy dinners with both dark and light napkins. I’d definiatley throw some really epic parties where we could import a bunch of sand and white tigers into the hotel suite, and fill the jacuzzi with champagne and eat gold and it wouldn’t even matter cause I won the lottery big time. Then I would take a trip to the Bimini Islands and see what the Bermuda Triangle is really all about…. but I would never stop working. I love this game.

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