LOS ANGELES!!! We're coming BAX for YOU!!! Closing Reception and Book Release for EMF!! Sat Nov. 6th 6-10PM or until all the warm beer is gone. Come.

Immortal Gallery
215 W 6th #116 (x Spring)
Los Angeles, CA 90014

"I guess you could just find the same picture online and rip it up yourself."

Starting with an attempt to steal the scraps of Sinead O'Connor's ripped up picture of Pope John Paul II on national television in 1992 to end loneliness, and ending in a Hollywood drugstore aisle considering intimacy with curling iron boxes in an attempt to feel love through memory, the misplaced intention of intimacy is constructed by a long route of objects, devices, and activity building up to nothing while exposing the mostly base nature of unfulfillment. Broken personal connections are translated through the federal code for the Oklahoma City Bombing (OKBOMB), a Bakersfield band's Myspace page left absent since 2007 (As Palaces Burn), and through a love letter to a painter written as a critique to a stranger, (Spencer Sweeney, These Are Things You Must Hear). 'Ecstacy Motherfucker From Us To You' is a loose selection of very short stories on the process of intimacy and nothingness after it becomes considered unimportant.

Petra Royale Bibeau is the director of MANIAC, an alternative space in Oakland, California working with emerging artists. Ecstacy Motherfucker From Us To You, is Bibeau's first collection of short stories after concurrently releasing 'Notes For Sensation' a collection of essays pertaining to curating.

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