books are the weapons in the war of knowledge

currently reading:
a beginners guide to constructing the universe
dune. book one
magical arts
a brief history of dragons
death, the journey of a lifetime
lords of chaos

things I need to learn about:
• Alien Encounters
• Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects
• Cosmic Connections
• Cosmic Duality
• Dreams and Dreaming
• Earth Energies
• Eastern Mysteries
• Hauntings
• Magical Arts
• Master Index and Illustrated Symbols
• Mind Over Matter
• Mysterious Creatures
• Mysterious Lands and Peoples
• Mystic Places
• Mystic Quests
• Phantom Encounters
• Powers of Healing
• Psychic Powers
• Psychic Voyages
• Search for Immortality
• Search for the Soul
• Secrets of Alchemists
• Spirit Summonings
• The Mind and Beyond
• The Mysterious World
• The Mystical Year
• The Psychics
• The UFO Phenomenon
• Time and Space
• Transformations
• Utopian Visions
• Visions and Prophecies
• Witches and Witchcraft

... and the missing link. Who wants to join book club? We meet every tuesday at nightfall in the woods.

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