The Littlest Hobo

I'm approaching my third month of modern gypsy vagabond hobo living and sleeping in your bathtub, and I've experimented with many varieties of canned beans and ways of tying my bandana around the end of this stick so that I can carry as many pairs of shoes as possible. One thing that hobo's are really good it is growing 5 o'clock shadows- in addition to making miniature baroque furniature sets out of gum wrappers and bottle caps and thinking really efficiently with the resources avaliable. I've been drawing a lot, utilizing all of my belongings and I've become really good at organizing and even better at snacking. After this is all over, trust that my infiniate vision quest will have blasted me straight into the unknown and allowed me to produce some new work, maybe its all the weed chocolates i've been eating... maybe its the alignment of the stars, but I know it has a lot to do with you.


J. SPEARS said...

dude he did not hold back!! beautiful

Chadwick said...

Quite purty.