Bleed for me.

Blood is the new black owns my heart.
Their summer line is just about to drop, with the 4 new designs we collaborated on, and I'm going to be honest- their shirts feel/smell/are like your top 3 favorite things.

-Little tiny Nike shoes
-Puppies, piles and piles of puppies, lots of puppies and their puppy breath that smells like puppy milk.
-Baby soft baby heads and baby skin

So, imagine wearing the most comfortable, softest baby skin while lying on a pile of puppies, lots of little adorable puppies that smell like puppy milk, and you have the cutest little pair of mini Nike Air Force ones in the palm of your hand, like black and gold ones....with little tiny laces in them... and puppies are licking you all over- and this baby skin feels sooooo good... thats exactly what Blood is the New Black tees feel like. AAAAAND lil wayne wears Blood... so go get your eyelids tattooed...

Watch this Vimby video interview if you want to see how rad Blood is and how i look when i forget to brush my hair, again....

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